How data storage in the cloud is changing

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Fast, inexpensive, reliable cloud storage has the potential to change business models and the way organizations innovate products and services. Today, the choice of where, how and whether to save data determines the ability of organizations to survive and thrive.

During the Digital Agility Summit on January 20, 2022, David Boland, Director of Product Marketing at Wasabi, was joined by Kaylee Opatich to explain features of a new generation of cloud service companies and best-in-class storage solutions.


Boland suggested companies consider the following when storing data in the cloud:

  • Copies of data – Boland advised companies to keep at least two copies of the their data, or even three: two on different media types and one offsite. For that third location, Boland said the cloud is now the best choice for offsite storage. For instance, Wasabi provides “object lock,” so files cannot be encrypted or changed, also known as immutability. Data can be locked for whatever length of time the user chooses.
  • Data protection – Most storage providers, including Wasabi, meet industry standards for data protection – eleven 9s of data durability. With Wasabi, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and it offers strong identity and access management and multi-factor authentication.
  • Storage charges – Providers have a variety of fees, for instance transaction fees, file inventory lists, retrieval fees, transfer fees, object overhead charges, small object tax, regional data transfers. This leaves companies unable to predict what their cloud storage bill will be. However, Wasabi has no egress charges, no API request charges, no tiers. One offering Boland recommended was pre-paid reserved capacity, whether that is one year or five years, because that makes it easier to predict monthly outlay for cloud storage.
  • Tiers – Besides hot storage (ready to be accessed immediately), some providers have cool storage, deep archive, infrequent access, and other classifications for data, all carrying different prices. Conversely, all Wasabi storage is “hot” all the time.  
  • File sharing and collaboration – For collaboration, real-time data consistency is critical for all users. Boland described the global file system of Panzura, which combines with Wasabi to provide the most secure system. Cloud storage has changed, and much larger files are being moved to the cloud, including video surveillance, data lakes, tapes, and internet of things (IoT) data sets. With Wasabi, very large files can be moved across the globe, while keeping data searchable regardless of age. Designed for next-generation use cases, Boland explained that Wasabi was built for speed, while being easy to understand.  

Boland explained Wasabi has been named the fastest growing cloud storage service in the world. Although it has a global footprint with faster uploads and downloads than the competition, offers private network options and data center redundancy, Boland said the company’s storage service is still 80% less expensive than Amazon’s AWS S3.

As organizations develop new business models and new attitudes about using the cloud, Wasabi is increasingly a part of those plans. 

The Digital Agility Summit was presented by industry thought-leader Applied Software, with featured sponsors Panzura and Workspot.

You can access the breakout sessions on-demand by registering with the following link: Digital Agility Summit. Learn real-world ways your can get the most from trends shaping today’s digital transformation.

Contact Applied Software to discover how you can position your company to benefit from digital transformation.



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