How Interoperability of 6 Construction Products Can Improve Digital Skills

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As times change and market pressures increase, some companies need to improve the digital skills of their staff. The easiest way to do that is with software products that are interoperable.

Unfortunately, many companies use multiple software packages, with some of them bound to involve older workflows. When workers are accustomed to those workflows, they may be hesitant to learn to use new digitized design methods.

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If your company is considering developing new digital standards for your entire organization, one thing that can help you achieve that is the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) platform. The ACC platform helps with digitalization through the use of a common data environment.

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The benefits of a common data environment with interoperable solutions are many. They include:

  1.  Digital information management for clash free 3D model.
  2. 3D model accessible in the cloud.
  3. Digitized estimates and bills of materials.
  4. More efficient engineering design workflows.
  5. Survey point clouds of existing conditions for more efficient design process.
  6. Fewer RFIs and changes during construction.

Learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud in the free Graitec Group eBook: The Importance of a Common Data Environment.

Sometimes, when working through a digital transformation process, the greatest achievement a company sees is a reduction in the number of RFIs and change orders during construction. This is a major benefit from producing a clash-free 3D model, a digital skill that improves your staff’s quality of life while working on a project.

By using Autodesk products, eventually the digital skills of a company’s project teams improve as staff discover new collaborative ways of working that benefit them. With these skills, efficiency and collaboration of design and engineering teams can be improved.

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  1.  The AEC Collection can be used in conjunction with ACC products to support 3D modeling.

2.  The 3D models developed during building information modeling using Autodesk Revit enable innovative workflows.

3.  Navisworks can assist in the combination of several different models for better project decisions.

4.  BIM Collaborate helps different teams and multiple disciplines collaborate efficiently.

5.  ACC Model Coordination provides a space to upload, review and detect clashes between 3D project models.

6.  Project teams can especially benefit from the interoperability among ACC Docs, Autodesk design solutions and the AEC Collection.

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Your company’s digital transformation can result in better skills for workers, improving their engagement during projects and at work in general. For instance, with increased integration within the design team, there are fewer challenges in delivering a job and less time spent on projects – a definite plus in any employee’s work life and your labor bottom-line.

ACC gives the construction team direct access to the design team, improving everyone’s efficiency. Using ACC makes it easier for all project teams to access information when they need it. Teams can use their newfound skills to leverage reliable real-time data. As a result, the number of emails and other back-and-forth communications that would typically monopolize staff time are reduced, with less time spent on projects.

In addition to staff benefits, increased interoperability can also provide your company with the opportunity to experience higher customer satisfaction. You will have the possibility of providing additional services and offerings to customers.

Whether you are aiming for clash free 3D models, digitized estimates and bills of materials, more efficient engineering design workflows and processes, fewer RFIs and changes, or all of these, when you enhance the digital skills of your workers using Autodesk products, their new collaborative workflows will not only benefit them, they will benefit your company as well.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Autodesk AEC Collection – a suite of 14 complementary tools – and increase your team’s productivity, contact  Graitec Group today!



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