How Panzura Helps Your Fight Against Ransomware

20 October 2020All, Panzuradata security



written by Jason Schmidt

Your company’s information is its lifeblood, and protecting that data has become paramount in business strategy and planning. With 34 patents, Panzura is becoming part of that data protection strategy and planning for many companies and government agencies.

Panzura enables one authoritative data source, which allows global real-time access to all files and to all users in all locations. Panzura can be integrated into your existing technology infrastructure and solves the network latency issues that are prevalent with chatty CAD and graphics applications over WAN.

Panzura is a software-based solution that resides on VMware hosts configured specifically for your environment.

Three key features of Panzura are important to your organization’s data protection strategy and planning:

  1. Panzura provides an Immutable Data Architecture that is not subject to ransomware. A Panzura blog article about the 2017 global ransomware attack by WannaCry, which included 200,000 separate recorded attacks, explained it was inevitable that some Panzura customers were infected. However, they did not need to pay ransoms to get their files unlocked. They simply used Panzura’s advanced “snapshot” technology to roll back their systems to the point in time before they were infected (this could be a matter of seconds), and then they could get on with their business.
  • Panzura provides data availability anywhere at any time, regardless of local catastrophe, whether it’s a hurricane or a ransomware attack. All data is consolidated in the cloud. The use of a global file system makes data available from any location. Data backup is integrated in the cloud, with the ability to restore from unlimited snapshots.
  • Panzura gives you the ability to continue to operate and collaborate, despite misfortunes that might befall your business. Your teams can continue to be productive in real-time across all offices in your organization with all your data – operations, accounting, human resources, engineering, and production.
light blue graphic against black background showing a cloud formed from computer circuitry with ones and zeros data entering it horizontally and vertically

The Panzura Global Cloud File System provides an infrastructure for enterprise-class data storage. Along with a beneficial global user experience, it offers consolidation, archiving, security, and heightened access. Do you have time to not use Panzura?

As you strategize to protect your company’s data, there are two parts to your data security strategy and planning with Panzura Global File System: the Panzura side and the storage provider side.

Panzura Security

Panzura uses military-grade AEC-256-CBC encryption and TLS/SSL encryption. Panzura solutions are FIPS 140-2 certified, and when using FedRAMP cloud, you have an option for end to end FIPS 140-2 secure solution.

The Panzura CloudFS (Cloud File System) encrypts data in two ways:

  • Data at rest in the cloud is encrypted using AES 256-bit algorithms.
  • Data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2.

Panzura also supports private secure sites by blocking all external communications in a manner that is compliant with the most rigorous security requirements and meets various government requirements.

Storage Provider Security

Azure Government

Microsoft Azure Government cloud services meet the federal DFARS requirements (DFARS 252.204- 7012). Azure Government services handle data that is subject to the following compliance offerings:

  • FedRAMP
  • NIST 800.171 (DIB)
  • ITAR
  • IRS 1075
  • DoD L4
  • CJIS

AWS GovCloud

AWS GovCloud hosting services handle data subject to the following:

  • FedRAMP
  • ITAR
  • DOD L2, L4, L5

When planning for the protection of your company’s or agency’s data, it’s important to understand both the client side and the cloud provider side of the Panzura solution. Panzura can help protect you from ransomware attacks and ensure the continued productivity of all your users in real-time across all your locations.

If you need a partner to help your company or agency plan for safeguarding data, including military-grade security, contact Applied Software today and talk to a Panzura expert about your individualized needs.



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