How the Ultimate P&ID Line List Will Make Your Life Easier

11 June 2019All


How the Ultimate P&ID Line List Will Make Your Life Easier

Client reviews, control over consistent reports, groups that need access to the latest changes in data . . . these are some of the challenges that CAD users on projects using AutoCAD P&ID face every day. When it comes to these challenges, there’s a way to make life easier by using P&ID Line List in your workflow.

Out-of-the-box Line List displays line and process information between pieces of equipment and connected line numbers. What it may not do is present information in a way that you’re used to seeing it. And you probably have to wade through too many lines of unnecessary stuff to find the “to/from” information. The ultimate line list would look more like what you’re used to seeing, while helping you maintain valid information on your P&IDs and with your process, mechanical and electrical groups. An automatic line list could help you maintain valid information on your P&IDs and with your process, mechanical and electrical groups.

Line List

The ultimate line list would be simplified to show equipment “to/from” and drawing information for that line number. Sure, that would be useful enough in itself. But imagine if it were automatic. Done!P&ID Line List window displays all line segments and associated fittings, valves, and inline components in a P&ID drawing. Pipe line group number determines the order of lines. From the Line List, you can select any available P&ID object and place its mapped Plant 3D counterpart in the Plant 3D model. The property values of the P&ID object are copied to the Plant 3D model.

Applied Software has developed a custom automatic Line List that more closely matches the industry standard. The Applied automatic Line List provides the following advantages:

  1. Consistent line list control and output – Set up a P&ID Property to identify which line carries main process information. Export to PDF, HTML, XLS, XLSX with the same visual appearance.
  2. Access to fresh data for non-Plant 3D users – Access a trial so any project team member can use report creator.
  3. Project data updated with the latest changes – Excel reports can be modified and imported back into the project, and users can accept or reject changes.
  4. Usage guide

Applied has developed step by step instructions to use the automatic Line List successfully, including the following workflows:

Storing Report Creator Templates

Report creator templates may be delivered in a *.zip file and will end in an *.rcf file extension. A folder is created on a network or a shared location that all users who need the report templates will have access to.

Configuring Project Settings

The Applied Line List uses custom project settings. The following changes will be made to your project setup to use the line list.

  • Set drawing number – The Line List uses the drawing number property.
  • Add pipe line group properties – The Line List uses several custom pipe line group properties to track and fill in information. 
  • Add pipe line segment properties – Custom properties on the Line Segment class allow users to customize the display of the lines in the report.

Launching Report Creator

The Report Creator application generates reports for AutoCAD P&ID/Plant 3D. The app is found in the folder “AutoCAD Plant 3D 20XX – English.”

line list report

Creating a Line List Report

In the report creator:

  1. A project is selected.
  2. The line list report is selected.
  3. Project data is selected. Drawing data will allow you to create a report from a selection of drawings instead of the whole project.
  4. The report preview allows creation of the report at a custom location with a custom file type, which is ideal for creating a pdf for client review.
  5. Print/Export will generate the report at the pre-defined report location with the default report type. The export results dialog will show a hyperlink to open the report directly.

Reports generated in Excel will have consistent column widths and row heights. The first row will contain column headers read by Plant 3D for import.

Modifying P&ID Line List Data

Even though the report pulls automatically from the data, at times more control is desired on the specific line group properties that should be shown. While the report creator allows extensive options to customize how manual data is loaded, the default report allows for the following techniques to control the reporting line information:

· Unmodifiable columns – Certain columns will not be imported back into the project, therefore, any changes you make are not permanent.

· Main size and spec – When the IsMainLineSegment property is set to “true” for a line segment, the report will pull the size and spec from that line to fill in the report data.

· Setting the P&ID Drawing – IsMainLineSegment also defines which drawing should be reported in the Drawings property.

Importing the Line List Report

When importing the P&ID Line List back into the project, files generated from the report preview go wherever the user saved them. Files created from the Export/Print button go to the location defined in the report settings. Typically the “project folderReports” location is used.

NOTE: If the user exports reports to the same file, the import is always from the same file. The user must import immediately after changes to reduce the chance of losing edits. If the user exports reports to different files by date, the editor must inform the user which file needs to be imported.

Configuring the Line List

To customize the Line List for various clients, you may want to make certain changes:

plant report coordinator

·       Columns – There are several special columns that are reserved and should not be modified, or the report may not function.

  • Customized line tags – You can add/remove items to match your client’s line number format.
line list 2

All six of these workflows are explained indepth in the technical document titled, “Line List Report,” developed by Applied Software Plant 3D experts especially for Applied Plant 3D customers. If having simplified P&ID line list information generated automatically in a form you’re familiar with sounds almost too good to be true, then it’s time to check it out. The ultimate line list would be simplified to show equipment “to/from” and drawing information for that line number. Sure, t

Contact Applied today for a quick discovery call and find out how your P&ID project – and your quality of life – can benefit from the Applied custom automatic P&ID Line List. Conquer the design and layout challenges that you face every day on your P&ID projects. challenges that project managers using face every day. challenges that project managers using



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