How to Be a Champion in the Transition to Named Users (TNU)

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How to Be a Champion in the Transition to Named Users (TNU)

Roberto is a person. Unfortunately, even though he works for a small company, for a long time he has felt like just another number in the system when it comes to using Autodesk software. Roberto and the others on his team have:  

  • been tracked by a serial number.  
  • had their usage monitored through a serial number.
  • had to wait in line while someone else uses the last available software license on the server.
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Frankly, Roberto would like to have his software use based around him as a person.

For all the Roberto’s out there, Autodesk came up with a software management plan designed for named users. “Named User” management allows a range of administrative, support and reporting capabilities, plus end users get treated like people, not serial numbers.  

The clock is winding down for all companies to make the transition to named user at the time of their software renewal. If yours is a company that renewed your network license with your last renewal, on the next renewal you will need to make the move to single user licenses.   When you are in charge of migrating your company’s software to a named user model, you can be the champion your company needs and gain a lot of goodwill from your end users. The transition, which happens at software renewal time, is not problematic. However, it does require that you plan ahead.

Following are the key steps you will need to champion your company’s transition to named user:

  1. Discover – Establish your business goals, tactical details and measures.
  2. Design – Select your optimal license strategy and establish a transition plan.
  3. Implement – Transition your licensing model and communicate that to your software users.
  4. Maintain – Manage the transition of your users and provide them with support.

People on your staff like Roberto are probably ready for you to take these steps. If you are uncertain about any part of your transition, Applied Software can help you with it, as well as your renewals. The Applied Software TNU Service can help you champion this effort by minimizing your company’s risk and maximizing strategic efforts.

Applied Software TNU Service uses your current multi-user licensing data to help you plan named user product and version requirements. Your software needs will be sized correctly, and detailed reports and tools will assist with your final transition.

The Applied Software TNU Service includes:

  • License assessment: Measures existing usage by user, product, version, and workstation and includes a detailed assessment of current multi-user licensing translated into actual named user and product requirements.
  • Product modeling: Correctly sizes the product mix for named users based on license assessment.
  • License transition: Creates user accounts, assigns products and converts installed software licensing where available.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) setup and user management: Implements SSO if applicable; communicates changes to users; provides ongoing support to manage your users’ transition.

By partnering with the Applied Software experts for your company’s TNU, you emerge as the champion, with optimized license costs, streamlined effort and a seamless transition.

For more information about the Applied Software Transition to Named User Service, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry expert about migrating your company’s Autodesk software to a named-user licensing model.

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