How to Better Navigate Through Your 3D Model

12 September 2023BIM, PowerPack, Revit3D Model, Revit element, Tips and Tricks


How to Better Navigate Through Your 3D Model

written by Alix Tissier


3D modeling has brought about a significant advancement compared to 2D, as all elements modeled in the project appear in various model views. Effective management of these views becomes essential for efficient navigation within the model.

However, this task is not always easy, which explains why it’s not uncommon to spend hours searching for a specific element, displaying it in the appropriate view, and identifying elements that may hide it.

In general, it can be said that navigation within the model can be a challenge, especially for large-scale projects or multi-level buildings.

This is precisely why GRAITEC PowerPack has been developed with a set of tools aimed at enhancing element visibility and search capabilities within a project.

The Category Visibility tool, for example, allows you to instantly show or hide element categories that have been modeled in the active view. This saves you from having to scroll through the entire list of Revit categories in the Visibility Graphism (VV/VG) section.

Visibility Category

If you need to search for specific elements based on their parameters, you can use the Element Lookup tool, which enables you to identify them in any view, while refining your searches with specific parameter values.

Element Lookup

Sometimes, it’s necessary to navigate in a 3D view to more easily identify and coordinate elements. The 3D View per Level functionality allows you to create 3D views and generate section boxes precisely aligned with the levels you’ve chosen.

3D View per Level

Finally, a quicker option is available with Level Displacements, which temporarily generates a dissected view of the model by level, making it easier to identify the various layers that make up the model.

Level Displacements 

With these GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit tools, you can better navigate through your 3D model with enhanced element visibility and search capabilities.

If you’re interested in saving half the time you spend with the Revit tools you already use, contact Graitec Group today to learn more about PowerPack for Revit.  



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