How to Empower Your Design Team

18 January 2023Architecture and Engineering, Design, Digital Transformation, PowerPack, Revitautomate, efficiency, Performance



Simplicity, consistency, accuracy, and speed are major criteria for driving adoption of technology that will enhance quality and performance for design teams.

We are living in the Information Age, also known as the Digital Age, and digital transformation is changing businesses by encouraging them rapidly to adopt new technologies and processes. With limited resources, today’s firms are continuously faced with the challenge to meet tight deadlines, operate responsibly and sustainably, all while managing extremely complex multiparty data maturity workflows and data sources.

With firms struggling to keep up with these challenges and tedious mundane tasks, it can be easy to lose sight of why they’re in this line of business. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, designer, or BIM Manager you all share one dream: to design and build. At the end of the day, we’re all striving to be as productive as possible trying to work smarter, not harder – to be empowered.

Learn how to improve your work life by speeding up daily repetitive tasks: download the new Applied Software, Graitec Group “Save Half the Time You Spend in Revit.”

If you use Revit, you may have experience in looking for ways to automate various Revit modeling tasks – a very time-consuming job.

Designed for businesses and aimed at users, Graitec PowerPacks put performance, automation, and capability in the hands of design teams, empowering them to reduce errors, eliminate repetitive tasks, improve project quality, and increase operational efficiency and profitability.

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit

With 45,000 active seats of Graitec PowerPacks worldwide, many companies have used PowerPack tools to address and overcome their challenges.

With any given project, it is estimated that 22% of a team’s time is spent developing the model. This includes the time-consuming task of cleaning up columns, slabs, walls, and more. Designers and engineers using PowerPack for Revit can achieve this menial task five times faster through automation compared to using the native Revit functionality. With additional functionality around joining geometry, advanced quality checking, simplifying complex processes, external data connection and management, using PowerPacks can empower your design team. As one BIM Manager explained, “[Graitec] Powerpack offers a wide range of productivity tools for Revit. We particularly use the beam numbering functions and the slab/wall joining tools, which help us save valuable time when creating Revit sections.”

There’s a key difference between getting the job done and getting the job done right. Graitec PowerPacks can be a key differentiator in faster, higher quality delivery of your projects using bestselling Autodesk software products – helping you empower your design team for greater accuracy and efficiency.

Increase your accuracy, operational efficiency and profitability by using a Graitec PowerPack collection. Contact Applied Software, Graitec Group today to learn more.



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