How to Enhance Workflows with Applied Software Advantage Technical Tools

7 June 2022Architecture and Engineering, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Construction, Manufacturing, Revit, Services & Supportproductivity, workflows


How to Enhance Workflows with Applied Software Advantage Technical Tools

Whether you are in architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing, it’s a good day when you can save your co-workers time and effort. In fact, even small improvements you introduce could elevate your status to “champion” at your company.

To help you in your journey, Applied Software has introduced its new Applied Software Advantage support offering. Applied Software Advantage includes three suites of tools, any one of which could earn you the distinction of champion at your company.

If you are interested in upgrading to Applied Software Advantage, contact Applied Software today and see the Applied Software website for details.

Here’s how investing in Applied Software Advantage can enhance your company’s workflows.

Little Things Can Mean a Lot

There are three productivity tool offerings included with Applied Software Advantage that can benefit companies in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing (AECM) sectors. These tools target specific tasks, often repetitive ones, that can slow down every company’s processes.

  1. ASTI Tools for AutoCAD – These nine practical tools are designed to make your AutoCAD workflow faster and more efficient. Anyone can benefit by reducing their repetitive tasks. The Tools for AutoCAD include:
  • Selection
  • Modify
  • Geometry
  • Annotate
  • Text
  • Layout
  • Output
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Open Folder
BIM model in layers
  1. ASTI Tools for Revit – This collection of nine easy-to-use utilities will extend the capabilities of Revit in key areas. With ASTI Tools for Revit, you can take a Revit workflow that may be somewhat disjointed or less user friendly and make it more efficient. Examples you’re probably familiar with include changing case, changing door parameters, or renumbering doors or rooms differently than the software’s algorithm dictates. The utilities include:
  • BIM Manager
  • Quality assurance & quality control
  • Analysis
  • Reinforcement
  • Annotate
  • Modify
  • View
  • Selection
  • Content Admin Kit
image from overhead of multiple highway overpasses with a few cars
  1. ASTI Tools for Civil 3D – With this suite of eight plug-ins, you can reduce repetitive tasks and streamline your work in Civil 3D. Once that’s accomplished, it enables you and your staff to focus on larger engineering challenges. The plug-ins include:
  • Points
  • Surface & Grading
  • Alignments
  • Profiles
  • Corridors
  • Pipes
  • Analysis
  • Navigation & Visibility

Small Investment, Big Rewards

If your company could use a boost in productivity, the ASTI Tools included in Applied Software Advantage will provide you with 26 easy-to-use add-ons to accomplish that. Whether your company is in the architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing sector, when you choose Applied Software Advantage, prepare to be the champion by saving your co-workers time and effort.

In its 41st year of helping clients achieve a competitive advantage, Applied Software has set the standard for support and software tools that will make a noticeable difference in staff productivity, as well as your company’s day-to-day operations.  

With industry-experienced technical specialists, Applied Software Advantage provides a prompt, world-class ‘white glove’ support experience.

If it’s time for your company to upgrade to Applied Software Advantage, contact Applied Software and visit the Applied Software website for more details.



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