How to Harness Dynamo: Learn from a Real-World Expert

30 March 2021All, autodesk, RevitDynamo, Generative Design, revit



Dynamo from Autodesk enables designers to create visual logic to automate tasks and explore parametric design concepts. Using Dynamo, you can:

  • Use a real-time workflow to import and export data from Excel, CSV, image formats, and DWG modeling applications.
  • Write code without previous programming experience using a simple yet powerful scripting interface.
  • Visualize and analyze projects with precision surface and solid geometry.
  • Explore many more design options faster using simple data, logic and analysis.
  • Visualize complex geometric problems with graphical logic driving the behavior of your model.
  • Speed up your design process and automate time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Learn more about Dynamo in the free Applied Software resource: “The Ultimate Guide to Dynamo.”

As simple as Dynamo is to use, you can benefit even more from its process improvements when you can “hit the ground running” by learning valuable usage guidance, tips and tricks.

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person's hands typing on laptop keyboard in background, foreground construction crane and partially erected concrete parking garage

You now have this opportunity, thanks to a partnership Applied Software has established with internationally recognized and renowned Dynamo expert and structural engineer Marcello Sgambelluri. This partnership offers Dynamo users and potential users a trusted resource for instruction on computational design and generative design technology.

In addition to a 20+ year career as design engineer and project/BIM manager, Marcello has been pushing the limits of Dynamo since its inception. He is Director of Advance Technology at John A. Martin & Associates and author of the 2020 book, “Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet Reference Manual.” Marcello is an engaging instructor and eight-time winner of the Autodesk University (AU) Speaker of the Year award.

Marcello’s innovative design instruction on practical applications of Dynamo and generative design gives you the benefit of his knowledge and extremely effective teaching style. Marcello recently shared that partnering with Applied Software allows him to “engage with more groups to provide training and support for Dynamo, Rhino and generative design, bringing the AU experience to a wider range of project teams.”

This partnership enables Applied Software to champion innovation for customers through scheduled or custom training opportunities with Marcello, as it does with other real-world expert consultants. The goal is to help transform the AEC industry, pushing the envelope on design automation and innovative design technology.

In describing the partnership, Clint Sirko, Senior Director of Project Delivery, said, “Applied Software is excited to partner with Marcello to bring his expertise, inventive ideas and shared passion for improving the industry. Partnerships like this, with real-world expert consultants, allow Applied Software clients to accelerate their success through access to process and technology solutions that make their teams more efficient and effective.”

Marcello and Applied have a shared mission to enrich the AEC industry and make the world a better place.

If you’d like to take advantage of instruction on Dynamo scripts, Revit integration, Player, real-world uses, and more, contact Applied Software today about Dynamo training with Marcello. Learn how to innovate and improve your AEC workflows with classes and a partnership you can trust.



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