How to Improve Your Document Reviews & Markups

11 January 2021All, Bluebeamdocument management, Revu


How to Improve Your Document Reviews & Markups

If your company is still working primarily with paper documents for shop drawings, you’re not alone. However, the days you can continue to push through this process may be numbered. With the progression of the workforce toward being more dispersed, plus shortened schedules, a paper-based workflow is ever more challenging. The solution? . . . digitizing your document reviews and markups. Not only will this make drawing markups more readable and streamline your processes, but it will alleviate the problem of what to do with all that paperwork.

Companies whose employees are working hundreds or thousands of drawings each day need the best mechanism possible for checking and marking up documents. The next challenge is tracking all the paperwork, and finally you may need to synchronize among remote offices.

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When facing paper-based document review and markup challenges, many companies have turned to Bluebeam Revu, designed specifically for the engineering industry. As described in many Bluebeam customer stories, countless companies that have made the transition to Revu report that employees find its user interface to be intuitive, making it easy to adopt company-wide with some hands-on training.

Revu has several tools that are useful in reviews and markups, including:

  • Markup tools and Markups List
  • Tool sets
  • Compare
  • Zoom

Markup tools – Digital drawing markups are legible, detailed, consistent, and accurate. Hundreds or thousands of drawings can be reviewed efficiently; certain markups can be applied all at once in batches. 

Markups List – You can track who marked up a document, when they did and their comments, forming a complete audit history. There’s no need to leaf through reams of paperwork tracking markups. Your stacks of drawings and binders of details can diminish immediately.

Tool sets – Revu markup tools can be customized and saved in the Tool Chest, which already contains a stock variety of symbols for mechanical, plumbing, electrical, interior space design, oil & gas, architecture/landscape, construction, estimation, and office.  (Graphics by Bluebeam)

Compare – This feature enables users to compare different document versions for accuracy.

Zoom – Ensure that even small details on documents are precise and accurate by zooming in on them.

The larger your company is, the more drawings your employees must work through and store each day. Moving from paper drawings to digital documents will help your company clean up document storage areas, adapt to an evolving workforce and stay relevant in the rapidly changing business climate.

You can try Bluebeam Revu for yourself with a full working version on a 30-day free trial. Take the opportunity to see firsthand how a digital process using Revu can transform your company’s workflows. When it’s time to convert that 30-day trial to a subscription or perpetual license, contact Applied Software and talk to a Bluebeam expert about your firm’s specific needs.



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