How to Make the Complex Parts of Your Project Manageable

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If you’re a structural engineer operating in a BIM environment, wouldn’t it be nice to have specialized tools and features to assist you in efficiently designing and analyzing various reinforced concrete (RC) elements? When your work involves finite element analysis (FEA)/finite element method (FEM), you can save precious time when you can make the complex parts of your projects manageable. Let me introduce you to two specialized tools that will help you efficiently design and analyze RC elements in BIM.


Meet GRAITEC Advance Design

Advance Design is an FEA/FEM core module that provides a comprehensive environment for engineers and construction professionals to design and analyze reinforced concrete structures. It offers options and creates new opportunities for you and your company to gain a competitive advantage in your structural design.

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With Advance Design you can create and simulate complex 3D models, apply loads and perform finite element analysis to check structural integrity and compliance with design codes, including international.

Using intelligent, model-based workflows, you can design any type of structure using Advance Design, including any kind of load, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. Tried and true, it is considered a mature, easy to use analysis solution dedicated to structural BIM.

Acting as a BIM platform, Advance Design guarantees the continuity of your geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle. In addition, analysis results are stored in the digital model as part of the BIM process. For instance, they can be used to start a rebar design or a steel connection process directly from Autodesk Revit®.

Features of Advance Design Standard that can be represented in an advanced FEM mesh include:

  • constructive phases
  • advanced non-linear supports
  • non-linear lateral constraints
  • pushover analysis
  • modal analysis
  • natural frequency
  • time history
  • cyclic loads (machines/vibrations)
  • generalized buckling
  • 2nd order analysis – all in an advanced FEM mesh
graphic against black background showing circular workflow of Advance Design, Reinforced Concrete Modules, PowerPack for Revit and Revit 2024 for complex work

Meet GRAITEC Advance Design RC Modules

You can efficiently design and analyze RC elements using specialized tools and features in Advance Design RC modules. They focus on specific aspects of design and analysis of RC structures.

The RC modules make it easier to create, manage and document concrete structures within a BIM environment. They can operate within GRAITEC Advance Design, Autodesk Revit or as a standalone solution.

Because they are compatible with Revit, they enable smooth collaboration among stakeholders. They also offer tools for automating reinforcement detailing, generating rebar schedules and producing fabrication drawings.

You can save time with better workflows like the following for the complex parts of your projects using RC modules:

  • Achieve Standards: Do detailed design of reinforced concrete elements such as beams, columns, walls, slabs, and foundations according to specific standards.
  • Provide Documentation: Generate detailed reinforcement drawings, bar bending schedules and other related documentation needed for construction.
  • Save Money: Minimize costs and satisfy design requirements using tools for optimizing the design of RC structures, for example adjusting the layout or quantity of reinforcement.
  • Integrate Design and Analysis: Get a seamless transition between analyzing the structure under various loading conditions and designing the reinforcement to accommodate those loads. The RC design modules are tightly integrated with the structural analysis capabilities of the software.
  • Code Compliance: Be assured of compliance with various international design codes for reinforced concrete design, including Eurocodes, ACI (American Concrete Institute) standards and others.


With these improved workflows, you can make the complex parts of your project manageable. GRAITEC Advance Design and RC Modules will enable you to efficiently design and analyze RC elements in a BIM environment with confidence.


GRAITEC Advance Design is available on a 30-day free trial. Contact us today to learn more about saving time and money by making the complex parts of your projects manageable.



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