How to Save Thousands of IT Hours with Panzura

15 September 2020All, IT Services, Panzuracybersecurity, Data, data strategy



written by Jason Schmidt

File analysis. Syslog files. File events. You may not think much about them, but manipulating and sifting through the data can take up valuable time. Your IT team is likely spending many hours doing valueless tasks that could be done with an application.

According to Panzura, “For every 60 minutes your IT people spend digging through syslog files to hunt down file events, they could be spending approximately 59 minutes and 45 seconds doing something that actually moves your business forward.”

Vizion.AI is a multi-cloud data services platform from Panzura that delivers a single, unified vision into data across the enterprise and provides powerful search, analysis, recovery, and control of multi-cloud data. It allows IT departments to search, analyze and control their data – saving thousands of IT hours.

The key benefits of Panzura are:

  • Search your on-prem SMB & NFS file shares along with your cloud file storage in seconds from one dashboard.
  • Audit your on-prem SMB & NFS file shares along with your cloud file storage in seconds from one dashboard.
  • Recover and Clone Data.
  • Analyze all your data from Central Location.
  • Monitor Filer Health and Statistics.

Search and Audit

With Vizion.AI, you can search through not only your Panzura Filers, but also any SMB or NFS share locations in your environment. You can gain insight into where data is located, clone it to new locations, recover it from previous snapshots, and dive deeper into the data you find.

The auditing capabilities give you further knowledge into your data, such as who moved, who deleted, who changed the data, and when that data was changed – all in seconds.


Many organizations worry about the integrity of their data and strive to protect and secure their data from a myriad of security issues. Whether it’s a breach or simply files and folders being moved accidentally during “drag and drop,” discovering the chain of events helps determine whether the files/folders still exist and were moved or if they have been deleted.

With Vizion.AI you can quickly find your deleted, moved or renamed files and restore them with a simple click of a button.

Vizion.AI enables you to filter based on user actions, dates and usernames. You get insight into how your company’s data is changing, and who is making changes. You can also see patterns of data use and feel assured that you can detect unauthorized file access and prove a data breach when one happens. This could otherwise take hundreds of IT hours.

Monitor Metrics

Additionally, Vizion.AI enables your IT staff to discover what is taking up space and watch for spikes in storage. They can determine what can be removed to free up space (i.e. redundant, obsolete or trivial files). The IT staff can keep track of all systems, the status of those systems, if they are normal, or if there’s something the IT team needs to address, including cache statistics, memory usage and user accounts. Vizion.AI can be configured to alert IT staff if anything is out of the ordinary.

Vizion.AI lets your IT department see into your organization’s data and helps them quickly understand how your storage footprint is changing, saving hundreds of hours.

This can all be done without the need to spend time creating multiple (sometimes dozens) of dashboards for each filer or situation.

Panzura frees up thousands of hours of your IT staff’s time and allows you to invest more in innovation and less in operations.

If you’d like to try Panzura Vizion.AI for yourself and learn first-hand how it saves thousands of hours of IT time, contact Applied Software today to ask about a free 30-day trial.



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