How to Solve Your Struggle for Storage Capacity

24 August 2021All, IT Services, PanzuraCloud, cloud storage, digital transformation



If your company has multiple offices and is struggling with the storage capacity of your onsite computing infrastructure, you may be considering moving to cloud technology instead of investing more money into additional hardware.

Not only could this decision enable your company to become more digitally resilient, with the right solution, you could empower better collaboration among dispersed offices at the same time.

Companies with similar issues worldwide have implemented the cloud-first solution Panzura Freedom Collaboration to build storage capabilities and increase remote collaboration.

If you need a partner to help your company or agency plan for storage capacity and better collaboration, contact Applied Software today and talk to a Panzura expert about your individualized needs.

Besides storage, another thing that might be influencing your journey to the cloud is the need to replicate and protect files being worked on by personnel in multiple offices. Whatever solutions you are currently using to handle this, they may be challenging to manage depending on the volume of your company’s active and historical data. And that may be further complicated by potential growth of your operations.

Cloud Storage

While your company has a number of onsite and cloud options for maintaining your active and historical data, adding in the capability of Panzura Freedom Collaboration for global collaboration can be a game-changer.

The Panzura application can solve your storage problems, while providing a backup solution as well. Panzura Freedom Collaboration enables companies like yours to replace legacy systems, reduce the amount of onsite storage you need, while offering a pay-as-you-go scalability.

Global Collaboration

When your company is less dependent on physical data centers, Panzura will allow for global collaboration. One important problem Panzura resolves is file locking when multiple remote users are working on the same project simultaneously. Panzura Freedom Collaboration global file locking feature results in a single source of truth for all of your files. Users can be confident in collaborative efforts and be more productive thanks to Panzura Cloud Filer with Global Read/Write protection. Multiple users can trust that they are always working on the most recently updated files within the same project. There is no need to copy files back and forth.

Saving Money

Financially, Panzura Freedom Collaboration saves you money on storage infrastructure. You get essentially infinite storage potential at a scalable cost. This allows you to invest your finances in expanding your future business operations, whether that includes larger or more broadly dispersed locations.

Looking toward the future, using Panzura Freedom Collaboration will help move your company into the realm of digital resilience. The sophisticated features of Panzura can help you solve your storage and collaboration needs at the same time.

To find out more about using Panzura Freedom Collaboration, reach out to the experts of the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team and start a conversation with one of the Panzura experts.



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