How to Speed Up Your Manufacturing Processes by 50%

19 January 2023autodesk, Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing, VaultAutodesk Vault, Digital manufacturing



When it comes to improving collaboration, companies are finding it important to be willing to adapt and take risks. To stay competitive, they need to be able to promote collaboration among unrelated manufacturing teams and stakeholders so they can manage quality and maximize their return on investment. Companies that have done so report the business benefits of doing so can be well worth it.

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Manufacturing processes

If your company plans to expand, you’ll most likely need to collaborate with other teams located in other parts of the country and other time zones. Although the communication challenges can complicate your design workflows, they don’t have to affect product quality or slow down your processes.

There are collaboration tools that can streamline your collaboration and actually speed up design by as much as half through enhancing traceability, stability and accuracy.  

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These are not pie-in-the-sky wishful numbers. They are actual statistics reported by Benson Industries after the company adopted Autodesk Vault collaboration tools. The company also uses Vault for data management, AutoCAD for 2D modeling and Inventor for 3D mechanical design and product simulation.

By adopting two of the Vault collaboration tools – Shared Views and Fusion Team –  Benson Industries improved data and knowledge sharing, streamlined collaboration efforts and accelerated design processes, resulting 50% faster processes and 30% faster response times.

Vault Shared Views; image:

Shared Views is a communication tool that helps teams share documents for improved communication and collaboration. Teams can add markups and comments to the documents, print, zoom in or out, pan, and orbit in 3D.

Fusion Team is a cloud-based central source for managing and sharing the latest file version of project data. Teams can review designs, comment, download, track project updates, and add markups. The tool enables contractors that don’t have access to Vault to share information from Vault.

Benson switched from using AutoCAD and 2D to Inventor and 3D and discovered greater accuracy and easier usage. The company estimate was that design delays were reduced by 50%, product errors decreased by 40%, and there were 30% fewer lost documents.

As the Autodesk customer story about Benson Industries summarized it, when the company wanted to progress from 2D to improve design, Inventor was added. When the next step was to improve document sharing, the company added Vault. Finally, when the goal was to improve communication and collaboration, Shared Views and Fusion Team were implemented.

When it comes to improving quality and speeding up processes, there is still a level of hesitancy for manufacturers. But companies that are adapting and taking risks to improve communication and collaboration with a variety of teams and stakeholders are discovering an impressive return on investment.

Discover how much Vault can speed up your processes: contact Applied Software, Graitec Group today.



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