How to use and modify snap points in Advance Design

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written by Achraf Ben Afia

In GRAITEC Advance Design, snap points offer a convenient and efficient method for drawing objects. They consist of predefined points located at specific positions on objects’ coordinates, including intersection points, midpoints, extremity points, and more.

By utilizing snap points, you can readily identify exact positions, making it easier to draw objects with improved accuracy and precision. This feature streamlines the drawing process, enhancing the overall efficiency of your work.

To use snap points in Advance Design, first, we need to enable the snap mode by clicking the icon shown below or press F3.

Advance Design snap points ribbon

Then under Home tab / Objects tab / Utilities tab > Snap panel > click the desired snap mode.

Advance Design snap points menu

Another way to access snap modes is to double click on             and we will get this window, where we can enable snap modes:

Advance Design snap points window

The following figure explains the function of every mode:

Advance Design snap points list of functions

Following are tips to get the most out of snap modes:

  • To use the snap points, make sure they are enabled.
  • During the modeling step, each object in the graphic area may serve as a snap entity.
  • The snap distance between cursor and object is configured in the Advanced CAD Options dialog box.
  • Combine different snap modes to obtain multiple snap effects. For example, by combining perpendicular and midpoint snap modes, you can draw an object starting with a midpoint of an element and perpendicular to another.
graphic showing multiple snap effects with blue elements


In summary, incorporating snap points streamlines the drawing process, ensuring greater accuracy and enhancing overall productivity. Snap points in Advance Design are a valuable tool for precise structural modeling. Their predefined positions offer ease and efficiency in identifying exact locations.

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