How Your Future in the Cloud Just Got Brighter: Panzura

10 July 2020All, Panzuracloud storage



by Jason Schmidt, Applied Software Solutions Engineer

Panzura, creator of the world’s fastest global file system, was recently acquired by venture capital firm Profile Capital Management. Many people may be wondering what this means for the organization moving forward.

Nearly every acquisition brings with it misinformation, some of it targeted at existing customers. However, you can rest assured that this is a positive move for Panzura and clients alike. A great deal of excitement has been generated by the new opportunities this brings to the company and its customers.

Here are the quick facts:

  • The family-owned wealth fund Profile Capital Management is renowned for strategic growth investments in the IT sector. On the subject of the acquisition, the founder, Ben Chereskin, has said “Now’s the time to invest in cloud storage, and Panzura — with its stellar technologies specifically engineered for cloud agility and the flexibility enterprises mandate — is the right company to invest in for rapid growth. We are convinced that Panzura’s market trajectory will accelerate as businesses adjust to the new normal of remote working.” 

You can learn more about Panzura in the on-demand, award-winning Bridging the Gap podcast episode, “What the Cloud and the Simpsons Have in Common.”

In the May, 2020 Panzura article, “Panzura Acquired by Profile Capital Management,” new Panzura CEO Jill Stelfox points out that PCM has an unlimited investment horizon and no plans to sell.

  • CEO Stelfox has always been at the nexus of cool technology and epic customer value, holding six technology patents of her own, with a seventh pending. She served as general manager of global I.T. organization Zebra Technologies and was involved in developing the technology that powers the NFL Next Gen Stats. You can read more about her in “5 Minutes With Jill Stelfox.”
The fastest global cloud file system on the planet

Panzura is distinguished from its competitors in three important ways:

  1. It is faster, has better technology and is a solution that is rock solid.
  2. In a head-to-head POC (proof of concept), 90% of decision makers chose Panzura in a real-world test of speed, scale, agility, and performance.
  3. It has consistently achieved a Net Promoter Score of 88, which means a vast majority of customers would recommend/promote Panzura to a friend or colleague. This high of an NPS is virtually unheard of in the IT industry. VP of Customer Success and Services, Caeli Collins, explains what Panzura does to ensure customer happiness in “5 minutes with Caeli Collins.”

Panzura has built the fastest global cloud file system on the planet with cloud redundancy.


If you think it may be time for your company to join others who have chosen Panzura, contact Applied Software today and talk with a Panzura expert about how you can empower your company and transform your workflows.



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