Implementing BIM 360 Coordinate for Clash Detection

4 November 2020All, BIM 360Applied Software, BIM



Autodesk BIM 360 Coordinate is for pre-construction with a focus on scope, cost/schedule and constructability. A cloud-based building information modeling (BIM) management and collaboration product, Coordinate has a social networking feel that connects the entire project team and streamlines BIM project workflows. It works in over 50 different industry file formats.

Coordinate also helps loop in stakeholders that are less technically-oriented. With anywhere-anytime access to the most recent project models and data, Coordinate accelerates project reviews and streamlines virtual design and construction (VDC) and BIM workflows.

If your company is new to the BIM 360 Coordinate and its Model Coordination module, the Applied Software technical team offers an Up and Ready service to jump start your company’s use of Coordinate for clash detection. These foundational services include:

  1. Workflow discovery.
  2. Plan development.
  3. Training
  4. Overview
  5. Admin
  6. End user
  7. Remote support and mentoring.
BIM model of six story building

The Up and Ready schedule typically requires three days for discovery, planning and training, including overview, admin and end user.

Follow up services include support and mentoring to help users master the BIM 360 Model Coordination workflow.


Applied Software will conduct a session to learn how you work currently, determine how you’re looking to utilize BIM 360 Coordinate and define how it should be implemented for a pilot project and for your company in general. Discovery will take place up to one week prior to implementation.

Plan development

BIM 360 Coordinate includes the Model Coordination module, and companies have the option to use one or combination of solutions. Applied Software can advise on the best solution depending on need. An Applied technical specialist will take the time between Discovery and Plan development to create a plan of action that matches your company’s desired custom workflow.

These services are designed to be used in conjunction with a pilot project and team, providing a business incentive for success. At the conclusion of Up and Ready, you will have a BIM 360 project template to use on future projects, plus a team of professionals with BIM 360 Coordinate training and experience they can build on. Additionally, you will have support hours at the ready for use on your pilot project, which will allow for coaching and mentoring of the team to ensure successful use of BIM 360 Coordinate from the beginning of your implementation.


The training portion of the Up and Ready implementation occurs in three parts, taking six hours spaced over three days. Training is focused on cloud-based document management, model coordination, model versioning, and model comparison. Using these tools allows for consistency in processes. BIM 360 Document Management is mobile ready and works seamlessly from the jobsite or the office. Applied Software has designed the training to be process-oriented, so your team members will understand the steps involved in posting document revisions and the opportunities presented by a truly collaborative data platform. Applied will provide instructor-led, interactive training conducted in person or remotely for up to 12 participants using desktop sharing technology.


The overview training session provides a synopsis of the BIM 360 Model Coordination module, document management workflows, terminology, and global concepts. It will prepare attendees for more process-oriented hands-on training to follow. It should be attended by project administrators and end users, with up to 12 participants.


BIM 360 admin training will arm project administrators with the skills they need to create and set up projects, invite users, create a coordination space, and establish permissions and workflows in BIM 360. It only needs to be attended by project administrators.

person in royal blue sweater typing on laptop keyboard, foreground white translucent icons and the word BIM

End user

The final training session will walk end users and project administrators through the typical workflows involved when using the BIM 360 Model Coordination module. Applied will help your team work through their initial model coordination session, which will include:

  • Uploading and updating their file
  • Viewing and reviewing clashes
  • General workflow and best practices
  • Managing assigned issues
  • Viewing models in BIM 360 mobile

This session should be attended by project administrators and end users.

Remote support and mentoring

An important feature of the Up and Ready service is the ongoing support and mentoring for project team members and administrators as needed. Support includes assistance with day to day use and maintenance of BIM 360 Coordinate and accounts, as well as user management. Applied will also help in working with Autodesk to resolve account issues which may arise pertaining to the use BIM 360 Coordinate projects and data. Support and mentoring are conducted remotely and provided for 30 days upon the commencement of training.

When it’s time for your company to accelerate project reviews and streamline VDC and BIM workflows, check out the Applied Software Up and Ready services.

Collaboration with BIM 360 is one of the hottest trends in the industry today. Why spend the time and take a hit to your productivity by experimenting with the best way to implement BIM 360? The expert help is here to get you Up and Ready and back to productive work quickly. To learn more about the BIM 360 Coordinate Up and Ready service, call Applied Software today and talk to a BIM 360 expert. 



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