Importing and exporting the system tree in Advance Design

15 August 2023Advance Design, BIM, Graitec, Structural designDesign, efficiency, FEA/FEM, Structural, structural engineering



written by Achraf Ben Afia


When working in GRAITEC Advance Design, the import/export function saves time during the creation of new models. In fact, getting started with this feature is very straightforward.

You just need to navigate to the branch of the system tree you want to export. You can also select “Structure” if you want to export the entire tree of the model.

Then right-click and choose “System Management” > “Export tree”.

Advance Design system tree menu

A dialog box will then prompt you to name the .xml file, which will contain all the exported systems.

In another model (or a different branch of the system hierarchy), you simply need to import by right-clicking and selecting “System Management” > “Import tree”.

Then select the required .xml file.


GRAITEC Advance Design is a mature and easy to use Finite Element Method structural analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. With it, you can design any type of structure with any type of loads, mixing timber, concrete and steel members.

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