Innovyze Customer Story: Storm/Sewer/Flood

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Innovyze Customer Story: Storm/Sewer/Flood

Autodesk Innovyze can unify water utility data in the cloud for public and private utility companies. In addition to sophisticated analytics, it makes information from water operations more accessible, reliable and available to be acted upon.

In the Applied Software webinar “Water You Talking About? An Introduction to Autodesk Innovyze,” Autodesk Solutions Engineer Youssef Al Fahham explained that Innovyze fits into the hydraulic modeling and process design realm with InfoWorks ICM, InfoDrainage, InfoWorks WS Pro, and InfoWater Pro.

Sewage treatment; image:

For the storm/sewer/flood sector, InfoWorks ICM simulates 1D/2D sanitary, storm or flood scenarios for better collection and emergency planning.

InfoWorks ICM helps agencies:

  • plan for growth and change (similar to master planning)
  • study behavior and response to storm events
  • study flood behavior to mitigate risk
  • combat sanitary and combined sewer overflows
  • limit or control preventable flooding
  • achieve regulatory compliance

During the webinar, Youssef Al Fahham explained a customer story involving San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and its use of the Innovyze storm/sewer/flood tool InfoWorks ICM.

If you are interested in learning more about Innovyze, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry expert.

SFPUC wanted to develop a hydraulic model capable of handling the city’s massive and complex combined sewer system, which serves a population of about 880,000. The SFPUC system has 1,000 miles of sewer mains, 26 pump stations and 36 combined sewer outfalls.

The challenges for creating the hydraulic model included:

  • Characterization of overland flow transport through the challenging topography of San Francisco.
  • Accurate depiction of the operation of passive and active control structures.
  • Multiple engineers working concurrently in the model.

The SFPUC Innovyze project, involving the InfoWorks ICM proprietary engine – characterized as the most powerful in the industry – featured three elements:

  1. 1D/2D modeling of underground and overland flows.
  2. Using Real-Time Control logic, allowing improved representation for simulating the different treatment pathways.
  3. Using a workgroup database for several engineers to collaboratively develop scenarios from the same network at the same time.

At the conclusion of the project, SFPUC Engineer Julio Maravilla said, “The model allows me to have confidence in knowing . . . . what the numbers visually mean in terms of hydraulic performance.”

In concluding the webinar, Youssef Al Fahham pointed out that Autodesk Innovyze tools can help agencies with several of today’s water challenges and issues. InfoWater Pro and Info360 Insight can be useful in situations of global water shortages. When resilience and sustainability are needed, there is InfoDrainage. With Info360 Asset, agencies can relieve some of the pressure on staff as members of their aging workforce retire and leave the industry.

If you are a member of the water industry as a consultant or working with a utility, regardless of your technical ability, there is an Innovyze solution that can be implemented and used to tackle water and wastewater issues.

Whether your water organization is modeling, simulating, getting insights into operations, or determining asset performance, Innovyze can help you achieve your agency’s objectives.

For more on Innovyze, see the Applied Software blog: “Nothing Wishy-Washy About Innovyze for Water Infrastructure.”



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