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Leo is the software admin at his construction company. Knowing that his remote camping trip would last two weeks, he was sure to schedule his vacation time early. His manager approved the time off and made a mental note to make sure none of the company’s active jobs would be impacted by Leo being gone – he wouldn’t be available by cell phone or email.

As it is with construction companies, things got crazy. Still, everyone was assigned some portion of Leo’s workload, so they were sure it would be covered. A deadline was looming, but Leo’s manager was confident they were covering all their bases.

Leo left on a Friday, and on Monday morning all the software worked like it should. The whole department breathed a sigh of relief; everyone was feeling good that the rest of Leo’s time away would pass without incident. It looked like they would meet their next project deadline.

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The following Monday morning, Fred couldn’t log into the software. One by one, he could hear other people in the department asking each other, “Can you log in?” The panic was rising. Leo’s manager wasn’t the software admin, but it didn’t take long to figure out the software subscription was E-X-P-I-R-E-D! AAAAAK!!! Even after calling the ACME-brand software vendor to renew, he knew it would take days to gain access to the software – days of wasted time up against a deadline that they now probably wouldn’t meet.

Have you ever run into this “perfect storm” of software subscriptions?

The software lapse was disastrous to the company’s efficiency. “WHY DIDN’T WE WORK WITH APPLIED SOFTWARE?” they all wailed. “They would have warned us way ahead of time!

Here’s another story you may be able to relate to.

For Bud’s company, some years are good, and some aren’t so good. It’s been feast or famine in the industry for as long as he can remember. Bud has to hope his company is in a good financial position at the same time his software subscription renewals come due. He’d sure like to pay for a few years during the good times and skip paying during the slow years. And while he means well when he sets aside money in savings for the subscription renewal, it just doesn’t make sense to use his line of credit to meet payroll when things are really tight instead of using that savings account.

When Bud’s subscriptions come due, it seriously hurts the company’s cash flow, and it gives him a world-class headache. Paying up front would be good, and if he could get a discount for doing that, it would help his cash position even more.

If you can relate to either (or both) of these scenarios, you’re not alone. Many companies are finding a solution to their Autodesk software subscription renewal challenges by converting to multi-year subscriptions. Not only does this assure workflow continuity and efficiency, it alleviates yearly renewal admin, locks in the price for a full three years, helps with cash flow, and offers a discount.

Take less time dealing with subscription renewals and get back to building. Contact Applied Software today and talk with a subscription renewal expert about converting to multi-year subscriptions.



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