Nothing Wishy-Washy About Autodesk Water Infrastructure

11 August 2022autodesk, Civil 3D, Connected Construction, Digital Transformation, Industrial and Plant, PlumbingInnovyze, Water/Wastewater



In April 2021, Autodesk purchased Innovyze, Inc. for $1-billion. From modeling water systems to analyzing drainage networks, the Innovyze company already had over 35 years of innovation experience when its products were added to the Autodesk group.

Autodesk Water Infrastructure is water (aka. wet) infrastructure software. It provides modeling, simulation, asset performance management, and operational analytics for the water sector. Autodesk Water Infrastructure tools enable more cost-effective water distribution and collection infrastructure. They also equip water agencies to optimize their capital and operational expenses through the use of sustainable design for drainage systems, plus centralized visibility into infrastructure assets.

DeWeese Reservoir, Colorado; image: Carol S. Dunn

As reported in a WaterWorld article, Autodesk Water Infrastructure can unify water utility data in the cloud for public and private utility companies. In addition to sophisticated analytics, it makes information from water operations more accessible, reliable and available to be acted upon.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Autodesk Water Infrastructure, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry expert.

Autodesk Water Infrastructure also has been making digital twin technology available for smart water infrastructure, which fits into the Autodesk vision that includes its Tandem product.

Benefits to agencies in the water sector include:

  • Water utilities – public, private, wholesale. Using Autodesk Water Infrastructure can help avoid failures, meet regulatory guidelines, maintain levels of service, reduce water loss, and increase efficiency.
  • Sewer utilities – wastewater, stormwater, green infrastructure. Autodesk Water Infrastructure tools can help minimize overflows, maintain levels of service, meet regulatory requirements, and decrease inflows and infiltration.
  • River authorities – river basin commissions, watershed districts. Autodesk Water Infrastructure can help mitigate flood damage, meet regulatory mandates, enhance water quality, and expand public outreach.
  • Private industry – design, engineering, construction, consulting. Autodesk Water Infrastructure can be used to increase efficiency on projects, avoid mistakes, offer value-added services to customers, and remain on the cutting edge of technology.

In the Applied Software webinar “Water You Talking About? An introduction to Autodesk Water Infrastructure,” it was explained that Autodesk Water Infrastructure fits into the hydraulic modeling and process design realm with InfoWorks ICM, InfoDrainage, InfoWorks WS Pro, and InfoWater Pro.

person in safety vest on catwalk looking down at water infrastructure construction

The Autodesk Water Infrastructure tools provide five wet infrastructure solution sets:

  1. Water Distribution (InfoWater Pro; InfoWorks WS Pro) – Modeling distribution networks from source to customers to ensure clean drinking water is available. Enables risk and incident analysis, energy management, system optimization, and emergency response planning.
  2. Storm/Sewer/Flood (InfoWorks ICM) – Simulating 1D/2D sanitary, storm or flood scenarios for better collection and emergency planning. Helps plan for growth and change, study storm events, mitigate risk, and achieve regulatory compliance.
  3. Drainage Design (InfoDrainage) – Creating sustainable, cost-effective, efficient site-specific plans to mitigate flooding and pollution. Streamlines workflows for better profitability, and many of the features are well integrated with AutoCAD Civil 3D and building information modeling (BIM) processes. Helps with regulatory approvals and with maximizing the use of land to be developed.
  4. Asset Management (Info360 Asset, a cloud solution) – Supporting capital planning decisions for optimal decisions on managing aging infrastructure to reduce costs and operational risk.
  5. Operational Analytics (Info360 Insight, a cloud solution) – Facilitating real-time operations decisions and problem solving to enhance service reliability.

Whether your water organization is modeling, simulating, getting insights into operations, or determining asset performance, Autodesk Water Infrastructure can help you achieve your objectives in a more cost-effective way.




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