Nozzles selection for custom equipment scripts

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Nozzles selection for custom equipment scripts

The #bestplant3dreseller here again with some information on customizing the default nozzle for equipment. This is an advanced Plant 3d configuration topic, and it can be used with a variety of equipment types including custom python equipment.

Let’s examine the Centrifugal pump.peqx file

Equipment Script file

You’ll need 7-Zip, and once you right-click choose open archive, you’ll be able to navigate its contents. Go to Content>EquipmentType.xml and I’m showing it here in the Foxe xml editor. In the screenshot below, go down to the Port Properties for a nozzle and note the .SizeRecordId. This value correlates to our nozzle catalog. It’s weird though, because I think the catalogs have changed, and I was unable to find the correct one. It appears that there is now a MigratedSizeRecordIds table which should map old values, but it was just easier to find the nozzle I wanted for testing. Ok, back to the good stuff.

SizeRecordId for nozzle

The nozzle catalog has all of our nozzle entries, and is one of the catalogs that is read directly by the application and does not use the spec format for model insertion. The file will be NOZZLE Catalog.acat located in your shared content folder. Make sure to close plant before you start this (I think plant reads this at startup).

Nozzle Catalog Location

Use the EngineeringItems table, find the SizeRecordId column, and select the guid you would like for your nozzle.

Finding the nozzle SizeRecordid

After plant loads and you insert your equipment, the nozzle should show up with the value you specified.

Custom Default nozzle



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