Panzura releases global cloud file system CloudFS 8.1

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On January 28, 2022, Panzura announced the availability of a major data management release for its global hybrid cloud file system, CloudFS

CloudFS remains the global cloud file system of choice for organizing, managing, moving, governing, protecting, and gaining intelligence from unstructured data of all kinds.

CloudFS 8.1 includes three new features:

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  1. Cloud mirroring – Hardened cloud mirroring is included in the new CloudFS release. Cloud mirroring delivers an air-gap solution between cloud providers, a full backup beyond single cloud replication, auto failover, and immediate consistency in case of cloud failure. With cloud mirroring, the user can write data to two separate, unrelated object stores in real-time. This can happen in two separate cloud providers or a mixture of on-premises and public cloud. In the event of a cloud storage outage, CloudFS automatically fails over to the secondary store with minimal disruption to users. The benefit is greater data availability and business continuity across infrastructure failures.
  1. Faster mass file recovery – Data is the most valuable property a business owns. With CloudFS, data is already resilient to ransomware, file damage and accidental deletion. With, it is even easier for IT administrators to restore files and directories in bulk – for instance when files or directories have been corrupted, deleted or encrypted by malware. A new Self-Service Mass File Restoration feature improves the ability to recover files and boosts data resilience. Since data is already in the cloud and tracked in the CloudFS via metadata, the process can then skip copying the data, and copy only the metadata. Therefore, content is moved much more quickly than conventional methods.
  2. More deployment options – To provide greater flexibility for users who prefer Hyper-V over VMWare, CloudFS now supports Microsoft virtualization with Hyper-V.

If it’s time for your company to better organize, manage, move, and protect your data in the cloud, contact Applied Software today and talk with a Panzura expert about ways to transform your cloud collaboration, file access and storage issues.

CloudFS 8.1 also provides the following performance improvements and encryption enhancements:

  • ACL tool and API performance – Significant improvements have been made to the ACL (audit command language) tool and API (application programming interface) performance to accommodate growing amounts of data and its management.
  • Syslog encryption over TLS (transport layer security) – To better control security options and enforcement for infrastructure, users can now enforce the encryption of syslog for export.
  • SMB encryption option – Users can enable or disable encryption for SMB (server message block) version 3.0
  • Plant 3D consistency settings – There is now support for AutoCAD Plant 3D file type consistency settings.
  • Python upgrade – The Python tool has been upgraded to version 3.8.
  • FreeBSD upgrade – The FreeBSD version has been upgraded to 12.2.
  • Samba upgrade – A complete rebase of Samba on the version 4.11 update is now included.

For a complete list of fixes addressed by CloudFS, log into your Panzura Service Hub account.

The Panzura Global Cloud File System provides an infrastructure for enterprise-class data storage. Along with a beneficial global user experience, it offers consolidation, archiving, security, and heightened access. Do you have time to not use Panzura?



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