Panzura + Wasabi – Fast, Secure, No Hidden Fees

23 July 2021All, IT Services, Panzuracloud storage, data security



There exists a lot of unstructured data these days, including images, social media, drones, IoT, and the list goes on. Many companies are in need of taming their data. But that can result in more hardware and equipment, and that could still end up not giving employees real-time access to files. Different versions can reside in different locations.

Some companies try to get a grasp on having their data situated in a silo, a data center or a branch office. Staff may try replicating data from site to site, copying files multiple times and creating complex scenarios. That growing complexity is not solved by data compression, deduplication, consolidation into one data center, or more management overhead. Latency is a matter of physics that cannot be completely overcome.

A recent Panzura webinar featured its beneficial partnership with Wasabi, described as the hottest cloud storage meeting the fastest global cloud file system. Performance is important, and cost is important.

To find out more about using Panzura, contact the experts of the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team and start a conversation with one of the Panzura experts.

With Panzura, your data can be deployed in the cloud and available to anyone in the world. Panzura relies on a back-end object store, which Wasabi provides. When your unstructured data is imported into Panzura CloudFS (file system), it becomes available and protected. Panzura takes care of global file locking semantics, and the metadata catalog is available to other Panzura filers in coherent files and data.

Once the data is written to the object store, it is immutable (can’t be deleted). Changes are tracked in snapshots, so your data is protected from attack.

With the Panzura cloud mirroring feature, data can be put into two cloud buckets at the same time – Panzura writes the data in both places. If something goes wrong, your users can just read files from the mirrored location. Failover (which is automatic) and failback are both handled by Panzura.

Wasabi reports that the average Panzura user saves upwards of 75% on cloud spend using Wasabi compared to AWS or other clouds, primarily because Wasabi does not add the hidden fees that others do, which can include:

  • egress fees,
  • API PUTs,
  • API GETs,
  • inventory operations,
  • transfer acceleration costs,
  • on-net transfer charges,
  • retrieval fees,
  • object overhead charges,
  • small object tax,
  • monthly storage charge.

The point was made that Wasabi, the fastest growing cloud storage company, has faster, superior performance than AWS S3 and costs about one-fifth as much. In addition to being easy to understand and use, Wasabi does not employ complex storage tiers, making the monthly expense predictable.

Wasabi conducts data integrity checks every 90 days. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and immutable “buckets” prevent accidental deletion/modification. There is also strong identity and access management, with multi-factor authentication.

Wasabi provides compliance with industry privacy and security standards. HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, SOC2 Type II, and ISO 27001 compliant.

The exponential growth of data that needs to be stored, accessed and managed has been both a surprise and a challenge. If your company is facing this challenge, reach out to the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team. They can help you navigate your options for getting a grasp on your data.



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