Pioneering Products with the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

26 July 2022autodesk, Digital Transformation, Inventor, ManufacturingCollaboration, concrete, Product Design & Manufacturing, virtual


Pioneering Products with the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Frumecar is a pioneering Spanish innovator in the concrete industry that offers its products and services around the world.

The company supplies mobile, semimobile or fixed concrete batch plants. It is also a source of truck, semi-trailers and special concrete mixers. The Frumecar concrete recycling systems involve different technologies and accommodate different capacities. In addition, its “intelligent systems” are cutting-edge digital tools to manage plants and fleets.

In a customer story video by Autodesk, Frumecar spokespersons partially attribute the company’s success – providing manufacturing, transport and digital technology solutions for the concrete industry – to the capabilities enabled by the products in the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.

Concrete is a major component of the world’s urban landscape. It would be difficult to envision future development without some form of concrete as a component. The construction industry faces its challenges, and companies are looking for experienced manufacturers, reliable products and technological solutions to make their business more efficient and profitable.

Companies are becoming aware of the need to be prepared for disruption caused by digital transformation. Modular processes and products are also playing a part in the changing construction and development landscape. Construction companies are confronted with the need to understand the potential impacts of new technologies and evaluate them in light of the status of the industry as a whole.

concrete truck chute pouring wet concrete into a form

Using the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, Frumecar is able to offer complete solutions with a wide range of products and services for concrete plants, concrete mixers, recycling plants, and also Intelligent Systems, the company’s newest business line.

You can learn more about the wide range of tools for 3D design of complex objects in “The Ultimate Guide to Autodesk Inventor.”

The company’s senior vice president explains in the video that Autodesk solutions have enabled Frumecar to evolve their engineering and construction processes from conceptual drawings to virtual manufacturing using Inventor 3D design software. In addition, using Vault, Autodesk Product Lifecycle Management, the company has found it is possible to guarantee the traceability of designs, optimize change management, as well as use a collaborative working environment for model creation.

According to Frumecar, the virtual manufacturing tools in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection have made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in costs associated with assembly process incidents. The company’s start-up times have also been significantly reduced. Product and project examples that include collaboration reportedly bring dimensional optimization at the product level, which reduces logistics costs. Through its refined design process using the tools in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, Frumecar has achieved the ability to send its products – from batch plants to mixers to recycling and intelligent systems – anywhere in the world using standard shipping containers.

As expressed in the video, Frumecar has a company goal to give customers peace of mind as they deal with the logistics of increasing internationalization. They are using the PD&M Collection to help them achieve that.



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