Top 10 Fixed Issues in Plant 3D 2022 from the #bestplant3dreseller

1 April 2021AutoCAD, Autodesk Software, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dplant, Tips and Tricks



Autodesk has done a fantastic job getting us fixed issues in the Plant 3D 2022 release. Here’s 10 of our favorites + some context on when we ran into them:

  1. We’re going to enjoy checking out the new construction cloud integration. Maybe another May the 4th hackathon?
  2. Auto-login from Vault. We use Vault pretty heavily internally. It’s been setup for a while, and we will be switching some of our internal procedures over to BIM 360. For now, though, we’ll enjoy being able to auto-login correctly.
  3. Asset order – Owen loves to opine on the value of flow order for inline assets, so perhaps this update sorts things on the database end as well?
  4. Bolt set symbol – this one has been pesky for years. Dave Simmons asked us about it recently, and I couldn’t give a good answer. Thankfully Plant 3D 2022 found a way to fix this.
  5. PLANTPCFTOPIPE – we’ve been working on a fun integration with Thermon around importing pcfs (we got the supports added to the model), so it’s nice to see improvements on this end.
  6. Stub lapped joint – I think this is one where the weld got placed on the front of the stub end instead of the back, we’ll have to test and see.
  7. PLANTSUPPORTALIGNWITHPIPE  – I love this, I know it’s been requested a lot. Maybe a ribbon toggle to control the variable will help the user know they can change the variable.
  8. Ortho annotations and REAL WORLD CO-ORDS!
  9. Block-based catalog parts. We’ve been supporting and training clients on block-based parts for a long time. I love that this clean up will make live easier.
  10. PLANT PROPERTIES IN NAVISWORKS! YAY! Even though I’ve spent weeks of my life integrating custom properties into Navisworks, I thoroughly appreciate Autodesk making this happen. Not only are there more properties, Autodesk also integrated custom properties in Plant 3D 2022!

Plant 3D 2022 looks like it’s a strong release with some highly requested new features like synchronizing project settings, and isometric dimension customization. Autodesk also did a solid job balancing bug fixes with a healthy list of backlog getting addressed. While minor, I’d like to highlight the bolt set scale issue in the model. I personally have been unable to duplicate that particular bug over the years (other than the equipment connection –, I only experienced it in random situations. For Autodesk to have solved it means they put in a great deal of research effort into tracking it down. Thanks and kudos to the Autodesk Plant team for a great Plant 3d 2022 release!


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