Plant 3D As-builts Using Point Cloud Data

4 September 2019All, Industrial and Plant, plant 3d



Construction project drawings go through multiple changes and iterations before the project is completed. “As-built” drawings are the official record of the project upon completion, and they show how the original “as-designed” working drawings changed, including deletions, additions and adjustments to the contract specifications. As-builts show dimensions, geometry and location of all the components of the work completed under the project contract. This revised set of drawings is submitted by the contractor upon completion and handoff of the project.

Traditionally as-builts have been done by going to the field, physically walking down and verifying individual lines. Now technology allows us to save time and money by enabling us to use point cloud software to verify as-built data. With Autodesk ReCap and AutoCAD Plant 3D, entire facilities can be as-built from the office without having to go to the worksite. Following is an example of the workflow process:

· ReCap

ReCap, included in both the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction and the Product Design and Manufacturing Industry Collections, is a powerful tool in the as-built verification process. For a quick overview of ReCap, visit the Applied Software blog article, “Activating Autodesk Entitlement Products.” The easy-to-use ReCap user interface makes tracking down lines in congested areas a breeze. To add to that, isolating specific lines using clipping tools in ReCap can make following lines easier than in the field. Typically, you can locate the origin equipment and follow the line to the termination point using a combination of the point cloud itself and the mirror balls in conjunction with any existing P&IDs that are available. If none are available, then creating new P&IDs can be easily done within Plant 3D P&ID.

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· Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D, one of the industry-specialized toolsets now included with AutoCAD 2020, is another great resource for as-built P&IDs. In some scans it can be difficult to read the size of pipe from, say, a valve. But with Plant 3D, a pipe can be placed in the area of the scan, and a correct size can be verified. Not only that, but verifying things like 5D or 3D bends can be accounted for to verify that the proper pipe spec was used.

· Plant 3D P&ID

How can you create P&IDs quickly with intelligence that can be used throughout your projects? Simple . . . use Plant 3D P&ID. When used in conjunction with ReCap, new P&IDs can be created just as quickly as you verify them. Things like adjusting line size, changing valve type, and location can be done in a snap in Plant 3D P&ID.

Coming up on October 8, 2019 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, I will be hosting an Applied Software webinar and going through a workflow that I use when creating as-built P&IDs using ReCap, Plant 3D and Plant 3D P&ID. During the webinar you’ll learn how to establish a workflow in Plant 3D with as-built data by using the point cloud. Learn how to save time by establishing workflows using existing models, Autodesk Navisworks, Recap, and Plant 3D models. Sign up for the webinar today to save your spot.

If you would like a demo of AutoCAD Plant 3D, Plant 3D P&ID or ReCap, simply fill out a quick form to request a discovery call with Applied Software. You may be surprised by the ways technology now enables your firm to save time and money using the point cloud.



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