Plant 3D: Collaboration in the Design Model

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Plant 3D: Collaboration in the Design Model

Proper design of industrial process facilities is important to our way of life. Processing, manufacturing and assembly all take place in plants and factories that need to function reliably. Think water, petroleum, electricity, the auto industry, clothing, food processing – we love our modern conveniences. So the designers and engineers involved in the planning and construction of plants and factories have a myriad of things to consider around safety, efficiency and risk.

Plant design technology helps accelerate plant project delivery and increase the quality of facilities created. With its capabilities for 3D modeling of plant layout and process design, AutoCAD Plant 3D enables creation of P&IDs showing the functional design of a plant and maintains the connection between P&IDs and the 3D model. Built on the AutoCAD foundation, Plant 3D is a familiar environment to designers. Multiple diverse stakeholders are involved in bringing a plant facility online – architect, structural and MEP engineers, plant designers, project specialists – and they need a central space to share important project information with each other and non-design stakeholders such as the project owner.

Plant 3D now allows 3D project files to be shared in the cloud by multiple project members no matter where they are located using Autodesk BIM 360 Design collaboration software. It’s as simple as uploading a project and sharing it.

Working in a high-trust environment, design teams can work concurrently with the most up-to-date information in a cloud-based workspace. This helps speed up design revisions and gets everyone on the same page. The Convergence article: “Collaboration for Plant Design: Cloud Worksharing in Plant 3D” lists some benefits of cloud collaboration with Plant 3D:

  • Instant access: Collaboration can take place from anywhere at any time using Plant 3D on a mobile device, laptop or desktop.
  • Search functionality: Using Project Manager, a file can be searched for by name, saving time.
  • Real-time modeling: Working in the cloud gives real-time access to the same shared BIM model, so everyone is working on the latest information at any given time.
  • File check in/out: Files can be locked to ensure that real-time changes are being made by one person at a time in the shared model. Overlapping work is prevented by controlling the check out and check in of changed drawings.
  • Easy file back-ups: Cloud storage creates an online copy of your project files without changing the local copy on your machine.

To make the most of cloud worksharing and Plant 3D collaboration:

1.    Communicate

Cloud collaboration and communication make it easy to share crucial information with the design team. Notes and conversations can be monitored through to resolution along with a freeze frame of the model at the time of markup.

2.    Host design review

Especially with extended stakeholders, a live review session can host all team members in a common design review to discuss decisions and progress.

3.    Use connected models

By sharing work in the cloud, the most up-to-date model can be uploaded and downloaded at any time, reducing the need for rework. Plant 3D applies updates to the model and will also indicate clashes that need to be resolved.

4.    Bookmark important information

You can share design intent reference documents and critical project information with the team, ensuring owner satisfaction with the project. Clarify questions and issues so they don’t need to be addressed repeatedly.

5.    Invite expert input

With the ability to share drawings and Plant 3D models in the cloud, experts from anywhere in the world can be invited to review and comment on your project. 

As projects become more and more complex, with tighter budgets and shorter schedules, the technology to accommodate those pressures is an important key when producing industrial process facilities. Cloud collaboration with Plant 3D offers worksharing and central storage solutions that will ultimately help you save time and money.

For more information on Plant 3D or cloud worksharing with BIM 360, contact Applied Software today and talk to renowned Plant 3D experts. They can help you choose the correct technology for your firm’s individual needs.

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