PowerPack for Revit: Export Revit Schedules to Excel

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PowerPack for Revit: Export Revit Schedules to Excel

written by Alix Tissier


Schedules in Autodesk Revit are a crucial project element, enabling the listing and organization of model components to enhance project management and coordination.

However, the display is limited within Revit, and this can quickly become challenging when dealing with schedules containing numerous items. By exporting to Excel, the advantage lies in the ease of filtering and searching though the components of the table.

Excel also offers powerful features for data analysis and comparison. Users have the ability to perform calculations, apply filters and carry out cross-analysis to gain deeper insights.

Moreover, Excel files are widely used and understood by professionals. Sharing information with external stakeholders who are not Revit users becomes much simpler by using Excel files.

Additionally, it’s easy to integrate Excel-formatted data with other third-party software.

Finally, Excel provides the capability to manipulate data in a batch, which proves useful for making global modifications or quickly adjusting schedules.

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit offers several features that are compatible with Excel. Among them is the Link to Excel feature. This allows you to export existing schedules to Excel or create new ones. The information can then be edited and reimported into Revit.

See how it’s done in the following video!


VIDEO: Export Revit Schedules to Excel


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