PowerPack for Revit: Renumber Everything!

15 September 2023BIM, PowerPack, RevitDesign, PowerPack for Revit, renumbering tool



written by Alix Tissier


When working with Autodesk Revit, at the request of the architect or structural engineer, it often happens that a new grid is added at the last minute, disrupting the sequencing of the grid framework.

At the beginning of a project or on smaller projects with few grids, this may seem negligible. However, when a project involves numerous grids, the time required to manually reorganize the entire axis framework becomes significant.

This task, devoid of added value, proves to be time-consuming and repetitive, representing a loss of precious time and efforts that could have been dedicated to the design itself. Yet, it is an essential task to ensure the project’s reliability.

That’s why GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit was designed to provide you with a fully configurable automatic Numbering Tool according to your criteria.

With this tool, you can quickly and efficiently renumber not only your grids following a numeric and/or alphabetical sequence, but also correctly label your rooms, doors, parking spaces, foundations, columns, and HVAC zones.

Watch the following video to see how it’s done.


VIDEO: Renumber Grids


In other words, the PowerPack for Revit Numbering Tool allows you to renumber everything in no time!

Deliver better projects faster with PowerPack for Revit. To learn about greater efficiency on your Revit projects, contact Graitec Group today!



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