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The new solution is designed to streamline collaboration and ensure data integrity in the AEC and MFG sectors.

April 18, 2024 – Paris, France:  GRAITEC, a leading provider of software solutions for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and manufacturing (MFG), is proud to announce the launch of GRAITEC File Sync, an intuitive file synchronization application designed to streamline collaboration and ensure data integrity across common file storage systems.

As companies in the AEC and MFG sectors face unprecedented challenges in today’s digital business environment, managing and syncing files across various platforms –  both on-premises and in the cloud – have been ongoing issues. GRAITEC File Sync emerges as a powerful answer to address the complexities of modern file management, addressing the need for seamless file synchronization.

GRAITEC File Sync offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to the unique requirements of AEC and MFG professionals:

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Seamlessly sync files between common file storage systems, including popular cloud platforms such as Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM 360, Procore, SharePoint, OneDrive, and on-premises servers.

Data Protection and Continuity: With automated backup capabilities, GRAITEC File Sync safeguards critical data, minimizing the risk of data loss and ensuring uninterrupted workflow continuity.

Enhanced Collaboration: GRAITEC File Sync facilitates seamless collaboration among team members by enabling real-time file synchronization across multiple devices and platforms, fostering productivity in project workflows.

Automation of Mundane Tasks: GRAITEC File Sync automates repetitive tasks, allowing users to focus on high-value activities while eliminating the inefficiencies associated with manual file management.

Gary Edwards, Senior Solution Sales Director at GRAITEC, commented, “We are pleased to introduce GRAITEC File Sync to the AEC and MFG industries. With its robust features and intuitive interface, our solution empowers organizations to overcome the challenges of file synchronization, enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently.”

“GRAITEC File Sync reflects our dedication to innovative solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs,” said Edouard Maurel, GRAITEC Vice President of Strategy. “It sets a new standard for file synchronization in the AEC and MFG sectors, aligning perfectly with GRAITEC’s strategy to add more value to our customers.”

With the release of File Sync, GRAITEC Group reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive progress in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Contact Applied Software, GRAITEC Group today to learn more about GRAITEC File Sync.





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