PRESS RELEASE: Ideate Software Becomes Part of GRAITEC Group

11 April 2024AEC, Manufacturing, Press Release



PARIS, 4 April 2024 – GRAITEC, a leading global software developer specializing in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and manufacturing (MFG) sectors, has announced the acquisition of Ideate Software, a renowned player in the AEC and owner-software industry.

Ideate Software, a US-based company, offers BIM plugins for Autodesk Revit software, as well as a scripting solution that enables Revit users to run time-intensive Revit tasks in the background. With Ideate Software plugins, companies streamline Revit data management processes, control and enhance data accuracy, and improve the health of their models. With Ideate Automation, manually run tasks can be run manually or scheduled to run at more convenient times. This saves time and reduces the chance of human errors, ensuring projects deliver consistent and predictable outcomes.

This strategic move signifies the GRAITEC advancement toward global leadership and solution provision in the AEC and MFG space, closely integrating with the Autodesk ecosystem. As one of the largest partners of Autodesk worldwide, GRAITEC brings extensive expertise and resources to the table. With over 150 staff dedicated to research and development, GRAITEC is poised to capitalize on synergies with Ideate Software, with enhanced offerings and global expansion.

Bob Palioca, president, CEO and founder of Ideate Software, expressed excitement about the opportunities this acquisition presents for employees and customers. “Through their unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations, Ideate Software has earned recognition for delivering reliable products. Access to the vast resources at GRAITEC, combined with a similar focus on customer service, creates opportunities to assist more Revit users in enhancing their project deliverables efficiently.”

Manuel Liedot, CEO at GRAITEC, echoed the sentiment, welcoming the Ideate Software customers and employees into the GRAITEC family. “We are dedicated to enhancing Ideate Software’s value proposition through focused efforts and energy,” Liedot affirmed, underlining the dedication to customer success and global expansion.

For more information about GRAITEC and its acquisition of Ideate Software, please visit or contact Todd Weyandt in Atlanta,, or Danielle Middleton in Paris,


GRAITEC is a leading global Software Developer specializing in the AEC and MFG sectors. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, GRAITEC is committed to shaping the future of the industry. For more information: .

About Ideate Software

Ideate Software specializes in pioneering BIM tools for Revit, revolutionizing organizational productivity. The cutting-edge tools have historically been marketed in the United States, and within the last several years, have gained a significant presence in the UK, Canada, and numerous other countries. With Ideate Software plugins, companies streamline Revit data management, enhance data accuracy, and promote model health. With the Ideate Automation scripting tool, companies can schedule time-consuming Revit tasks to run at convenient times, such as overnight. For more information: .

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