Project Templates – An Introduction

10 May 2022Digital Transformation, Industrial and Plant, plant 3d



Taking the time to set up a project template can seem like a waste of time to some people. But if you consider how much time is lost, how many missing configuration items there are, as well as the cost of not standardizing your project creation workflow, then the time saved creating a comprehensive project template greatly exceeds that of setting up projects individually.

There are plenty of reasons for creating a project template other than inconsistent data, deliverables and reporting. You could have even bigger issues, such as end of project archival, restoration processes, and inconsistent success with each project.

Every problem mentioned in the paragraph above could be solved by a thorough and well executed project template. But the big question is, “Where do I start?” That is where Applied Software comes in. Applied Software experts have laid out a long form project template guide to help you start the conversation of project templates within your organization. 

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In two recent Plant Innovation webinars, the team laid out the full process of creating a project template. Both are now available on demand for reference when starting a project template.



Following is a list of “pain points” that commonly arise. If there’s an argument about the need for a project template, solving these issues gives good reason for having one:

  • Time lost when setting up projects individually.
  • Missing configuration items when set up individually.
  • Monetary cost for not standardizing.
  • New users misconfiguring the project.
  • Inconsistent symbology.
  • Inconsistent data.
  • Inconsistent reporting.
  • Inconsistent deliverables.
  • No restoration process (loss of work).
  • Active projects are not backed up.
  • Projects are created off the secure network server.
  • Project management steers each project individually with inconsistent levels of success.

With these issues in mind, we can begin to answer the questions that arise during project creation.

In a special blog series over the next few weeks, our team will begin laying out the full recommended workflow for creating a comprehensive Project Template. The first Project Templates technical blog will be Environment Selection. The team will answer common questions and lay out the workflow for deciding the best environment for your project to thrive within.

Please check back each week for subsequent blogs on Project Templates.

If you have questions about Project Templates, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry expert.

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