Remarkable Things You Should Know About Attracting and Keeping Employees

1 August 2023AEC, Construction, Digital Transformationconstruction careers, culture, innovation, skills, Technology, training



Companies are increasingly discovering the importance of building culture and employee engagement in light of evolving employee expectations.

As most of us know from personal experience, work is not just about work anymore. It is becoming more about how work contributes to an overall quality of life. Many employees want an opportunity to grow professionally while being more involved in the world around them.

A culture of trust, innovation and career development are attractive to today’s job seekers. And considering continued labor shortages, companies will be well-served to take that into consideration when trying to attract or retain talent. An example comes from the Graitec Group website: “At Graitec, we value ambition and engagement. We believe that to really make a difference, one needs to think big and act boldly. United across the world in One Graitec, we work, innovate and serve our customers with our signature positive energy.”

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Workers who are committed to doing a good job for your company can help improve productivity and profitability. To encourage that commitment, companies need to put forth effort to ensure workers are motivated to be engaged in their work. Part of that motivation can arise from being recognized and feeling valued for their contributions and accomplishments.

Training, tools and work-life balance are also part of the equation. When any of these three factors are lacking or lopsided, it upsets a worker’s productivity. If the situation becomes critical, the chances of that worker staying in their position are tenuous.


The best way to determine if an employee is getting what they need from their job is to ask them. Surveys can gather information about employee goals and working relationships. They can also determine whether an employee feels they need additional training to do their job well or if they want additional training for career advancement. Surveys can also identify situations where employee-manager relationships need improvement.

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One way to make employees feel committed to the company is to encourage ideas for process improvements, even small ones.

Another way to inspire employees is to have them be on the watch for technology that could make them and the company more efficient and productive. If it’s something that gets implemented, they should get recognition for making the suggestion.

Prospects for career growth can give employees a feeling of mobility without the need to change companies. When they have the ability to hone or expand their skills, they are more likely to feel grounded in their work and willing to commit to long-term tenure.


These days employees want a work life that dovetails nicely with their quality of life. When your company provides a culture that supports that, it’s more likely to reap the benefits of satisfied employees.

The experts of Graitec Group know the challenges you face and the innovations that can make a difference. Contact us today and learn how our industry-trained experts can partner with you to keep your business relevant and competitive in the years to come.


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