Saving Time and Effort by Cloning Structural Rebar Drawings

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adapted from an article written by Daniel Gheorghe


In this article, we are thrilled to introduce the structural industry to a game-changing innovation that promises to revolutionize structural design: Clone Drawings. This feature is now available in PowerPack for Rebar Detailing in Revit.

As its name implies, Clone Drawings clones or reproduces structural rebar drawings with all their annotations from one element to another. Check out the following video to learn more about cloning drawings and see a demo:




For years, Graitec development has helped the industry move forward with the adoption of Revit and/or PowerPacks. In light of this, Graitec is excited to have an attention-getting solution that seamlessly and effortlessly works straight out of the box. The Clone Drawings tool in PowerPack for Rebar Detailing in Revit requires no customization, no learning curve, no assessment. It is a tool that literally works like magic.

BIM Revit model of building framework, half in color and half in whiteline, saving time, rebar

What Users Say They Want

During development of the Rebar Drawings Generator, software developer Graitec learned valuable lessons over the years. One discovery was that, while users may want a customizable product, they do not want to have to modify rigid, hardcoded drawings. They want the ability to personalize their drawings and, further, utilize their own rebar cages.

Users expressed they’ve been yearning for a solution that seamlessly works without any customizations.

Graitec has taken crucial steps to gain a better understanding of what structural software users want and need. The result is a tool that enables a productivity boost that is truly remarkable – Clone Drawings in PowerPack for Rebar Detailing in Revit.

Saving Time

By eliminating the need to manually recreate drawings, Clone Drawings saves a significant amount of time and effort. What once required hours or even days of tedious work can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time.

person in hardhat and safety vest standing on construction site on maze of rebar saving time

The rapid run times of the Clone Drawings tool are truly impressive. It can swiftly generate multiple drawings in a matter of seconds. This means that even complex projects with numerous elements can be handled with ease. Whether you need to generate ten drawings or a hundred, the tool will swiftly and accurately produce the desired results.

Additionally, Clone Drawings in PowerPack for Rebar Detailing in Revit enables users to mold the template drawings onto similar elements. This is a game-changer that eliminates the need to start from scratch or make extensive modifications for each individual element. By leveraging the existing template drawings, the tool intelligently adapts and applies them to new elements. Thus, consistency is ensured, and the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies is reduced.

With Clone Drawings in PowerPack for Rebar Detailing in Revit, tedious configuration settings are no longer needed. Likewise, there is no need to spend time customizing. No indepth learning is required. Users can simply execute the command and let it work its wonders.


To learn more about Clone Drawings in PowerPack for Rebar Detailing in Revit, contact us today and talk with an industry expert.




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