Spur growth and profitability with Panzura and Workspot

12 November 2020All, Collaboration, Panzuradata security, digital transformation, Increase profits, Workspot



written by Jason O. Schmidt

Today more than ever, an organization’s growth relies less on organic growth and more on the ability to find and use qualified candidates no matter their location. If you’re like most companies, you can no longer depend on local talent alone to grow your organization.

Organizational growth happens by the following means:

  1. Mergers and acquisitions
  2. Effective use of existing resources regardless of their location
  3. Ability to hire qualified candidates from anywhere

Mergers and acquisitions speak for themselves. Not all organizations have this as part of their strategy.

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Panzura stores your data as a single source of truth in the cloud, allowing your organization to work without creating file versions, duplicating or overwriting each other’s work.

The other two options rely on creating an organization that is accessible and can provide a consistent environment with a common user experience for all. The environment must be robust, flexible and provide fast access to an organization’s data and resources, no matter where those resources reside.

Organizations today can employ various virtualized technology solutions to supply real-time access to their data across all offices, giving users the ability to collaborate in real-time and use that data regardless of their location within the organization. By enabling real-time collaboration across your organization, your pool of available experts to work on projects becomes much larger, in a manner that is more productive. This translates to better performance and profitability for the organization.

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In addition, these virtualized technologies can aid in hiring highly qualified candidates that are not bound to a particular region or location. You no longer need to be burdened by the confines of an office. Companies that only hire within a set radius of a physical office are limiting the talent and number of qualified candidates they have access to. But with virtualized workstations and real-time data collaboration, you can now hire that expert who has chosen to live on a ranch, on a mountain or in a different city and have them be productive in a manner never before achievable.

So how do you achieve this real-time collaborative environment? Panzura and Workspot are a match made in technology heaven.

Workspot, a turnkey, enterprise-ready cloud desktop platform, eliminates the cost, complexity and performance challenges of virtual desktops. Workspot helps you keep every user satisfied in their job and productive. Using Panzura, you will enable geographically distributed teams to work like they are all in the same office, delivering a local network attached storage (NAS) experience while storing files in the cloud. This results in a secure, high performance environment for all users, regardless of location. When you add Workspot to that workflow and connect directly to your data in the cloud, you have the power of real-time collaboration from anywhere.

To find out more and discuss how the combination of Panzura and Workspot can transform your organization, reach out to the experts of the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team, and let’s have a conversation.



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