Tech Tip: Autodesk Account – New Team Feature

7 September 2023Autodesk SoftwareDeni Cox

On August 15, 2023, Autodesk introduced an improvement to Autodesk Account teams, so new purchases will no longer be automatically…

Autodesk – Concurrent Use Prevention

8 August 2023autodesk, Autodesk Software, Services & SupportDeni Cox

One of the more common ways to violate license compliance is to have AutoCAD running on two computers concurrently, with…

The Autodesk Assistant

17 February 2023All, autodesk, Services & SupportJu

If you do not have access to Autodesk Account, the Autodesk Assistant is an option for downloading and installing software…

How to Be a Champion in the Transition to Named Users (TNU)

8 February 2022All, autodesk, Services & Support, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

When you are in charge of migrating your company’s software to a named user model, you can be a champion…

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