How to Achieve the Best Design-Build Collaboration

24 August 2023AEC, BIM, Collaboration, Construction, DesignCarol Dunn

On design-build projects, collaboration is essential to success. Using Autodesk Revit in a building information modeling (BIM) process makes that…

How BIM 360 Relates to Autodesk Unified Platform

8 September 2021All, autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, ConstructionCarol Dunn

Essentially, the BIM 360 caterpillar has turned into the Autodesk Construction Cloud butterfly.

The Difference Between Data-centric and Data-driven

4 February 2021All, DataCarol Dunn

When your company has the capability, tools and culture to gather and analyze data in order to inform better business…

The Bridge from Revit to Inventor

14 December 2020All, Inventor, RevitCarol Dunn

a new unified workflow powered by BIM 360 enables bi-directional data exchange between Revit and Inventor.

Big Data and Power BI Services

3 September 2020All, Data, Digital Transformation, IT ServicesCD

Data has become a driving force in making decisions across all industries.

Digital Adoption in Construction Kicks into High Gear

17 June 2020All, Construction, Digital TransformationCarol Dunn

Cloud based tools are available, but entire companies – inside workers included – are now needing to be connected to…

Plant 3D Hackathon Attracts Global Audience

3 June 2020All, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dCarol Dunn

The Plant 3D Hackathon was organized in order to document workflows and use cases for Plant 3D running on top…

BIM 360 Meetings, Part 1: Create an Agenda

22 May 2020All, BIM 360, ConstructionMichael Reuter

One of the cool new things in BIM 360 is the Meeting Minutes functionality.

Setting Up a Forge App for 360 Sync in BIM 360

11 May 2020All, Autodesk Software, BIM 360Michael Reuter

Forge APIs can be combined with other software to extract more usable information from your project data. Forge apps integrate…

Highly Effective Collaboration

22 April 2020All, BIM 360, CollaborationCarol Dunn

When successful collaboration has taken place, relationships can begin with trust, and risk aversion can be transformed into the far…

Publish Your Models With 360 Sync

12 March 2020AllMichael Reuter

BIM 360 Design is the fastest growing product line in the history of Autodesk

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