Smoother 3D Converted Items

18 August 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

You may have noticed that during the Convert 3D process in CADmep that your perfectly round solids get turned into…

Specification Driven Hanger Rod Diameters

21 November 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

I had reports with incorrect hanger rod diameters for years using CADmep. It drove me nuts to print a report and…

Costing Features in CADmep 2014

8 November 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

With the 2013 release of Autodesk Fabrication CADmep, some costing features were removed from the program but there are still…

Unable to Select Configuration On Startup

17 October 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

When launching Fabrication CADmep®, you are not presented with a list of configurations to choose from, what do you do?…

CADmep Annotation Leaders

3 October 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

One of the most common support issues I run across in CADmep®, is not being able to see Leaders. Within…

Exporting CADmep to ESTmep or CAMduct

3 September 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

CADmep has the ability to export CADmep items as an ESJ/MAJ file to be used with ESTmep or CAMduct. Follow…

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