3 Signs of the Industrialization Era in Structural Engineering

17 April 2024Construction, Structural designLukas

In recent years, prefabrication and modular construction have gained significant traction in the construction industry, offering a plethora of benefits…

4 Tenacious Modular Construction Myths

28 February 2024AEC, Construction, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

From questions about quality and expense to staying power, it’s incumbent upon leaders in the construction industry to consider the…

Why the Future Will Require Buildings as Products

12 January 2023Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing, SustainabilityCarol Dunn

Manufacturing techniques used in construction can improve efficiency, help build at scale, improve quality, and reduce costs.

MEP’s Role in the Move Toward Industrialized Construction

7 December 2022Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, PlumbingCarol Dunn

MEP trades play a key role in the industry’s Industrialized Construction journey; they have the data needed for standardizing components.

The Peculiar Mindset of Industrialized Construction

15 March 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Industrialized construction (IC) is one of the changes that companies can look to so they can remain innovative and meet…

Productization – A Vision for Industrialized Construction

23 February 2022Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

The uncertainty that plagues the construction industry can be addressed by bringing manufacturing to the forefront of designing a building.

Industrialized Construction: Trend To Take Note Of

16 November 2021All, Construction, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

There are trends that business owners should take note of, and more widespread use of Industrialized Construction is one of…

The ROI of Industrialized Construction

28 July 2021All, Construction, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

as companies are scrambling to adapt to construction needs, demands and shortages, one of the things that could help them…

MEP Masterminds Recap: The Benefits of Prefabrication with Jason Barber

12 June 2020All, ConstructionCD

offsite construction can take many forms, including kitting, pre-assembly, prefab, and volumetric modular (stacking and joining factory built modules to…

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