The Surprising Importance of BIM in Construction

21 September 2023BIM, Collaboration, Construction, Digital Transformation, RevitCarol Dunn

Digital transformation has already swept through a number of industries, and now BIM processes are making a significant impact on…

10 Significant Manufacturing Facilities Under Construction in the U.S.

6 September 2023Construction, Digital Transformation, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

the surge in construction spending for manufacturing facilities is being driven by demand for computer, electronic and electrical products, now…

7 Trends That Will Affect Your AEC Workforce

10 August 2023AEC, Digital TransformationCarol Dunn

AEC workforce: Workers are likely to be attracted to forward-thinking companies, whether it’s yours or a competitor’s. With the many…

5 Ways to Leverage Technology for Success in Your Construction Business

24 July 2023AEC, Bluebeam, Construction, Digital TransformationDiana Ramirez

This article explores ways technology can transform your construction business, helping you navigate these and other challenges, while seizing new…

The Hardest Jobs to Fill in Construction

9 March 2023Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

Demand for construction work remains high, the work is out there, but the number of qualified workers isn’t meeting the…

3 Steps for Improving Construction Employee Engagement

22 February 2023Architecture and Engineering, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, MEP, PowerPackCarol Dunn

By attracting skilled workers and improving employee engagement so you retain them, you can take an active role in staying…

Why Prefab is Important to Your Business

18 August 2022Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, MEP, RevitCarol Dunn

The forces advancing the adoption of prefabrication are occurring worldwide including increased demand for buildings and the labor shortage.

Combining Robotics with Modular Construction to Address the Labor Shortage

9 May 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Mechanical, MEP, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Robotics combined with people in modular construction settings can, among other benefits, help ease the labor shortage.

Why More MEP Contractors Are Relying on BIM-Enabled Workflows

26 April 2022Autodesk Construction Cloud, Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, Revit, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Large contractors with complex projects are the most sizable group using BIM. But the process will benefit any size company.

6 things to consider when contemplating offsite construction

22 April 2022Construction, Digital Transformation, Revit, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

If you are considering offsite construction, thoroughly consider the options that best suit your company and projects.

Risks Posed by Skilled Labor Shortage: What Owners Can Do

22 February 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Digital Transformation, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Owners can positively impact safety risks and the labor shortage by prequalifying contractors using workforce development criteria.

5 Ways Micro-Credentials Will Affect AEC, Labor Shortage

21 February 2022Architecture and Engineering, Bridging the Gap, Computational Design, Construction, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

five ways people with micro-credentials can boost technology growth in the AEC industry, while addressing the labor shortage

Do We Have the Skills to Build $1-trillion in Infrastructure?

16 September 2021All, Construction, Fabrication, Industrial and Plant, ManufacturingClay Smith

The collective attitude in the industry is that the workforce as it stands today is not capable of producing that…

MEP Force Keynote Recap: Angie Simon

3 September 2021All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

Building information modeling (BIM) has become expected, not optional, as well as productivity tracking and rejection of the old adage,…

Beware These 4 Risk Factors on Construction Projects

24 June 2021All, ConstructionCarol Dunn

The key is knowing the risks you face, then managing them skillfully.

Is This The World’s Greatest Industry?

26 March 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

there are many other types of jobs in the industry. Many of these are highly technology focused and require digital…

6 Ways to Tackle the Skilled Labor Shortage

14 January 2020All, ConstructionCarol Dunn

Because the skilled labor shortage is already impacting the financial success of construction companies, many are making investments in a…

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