The Key to Efficiency and Error Reduction in Plant Design

26 February 2024Industrial and Plant, Plant, plant 3dCarol Dunn

Working in 3D allows plant engineers and designers to visualize the entire project, providing a comprehensive understanding of the scope…

Methanol Sustainable Solution to Gas Flaring for Oil & Gas Industry

23 January 2024Plant, SustainabilityCarol Dunn

there are groundbreaking initiatives to convert methane into methanol as a transformative and eco-friendly approach for the oil & gas…

Better Document Management Using the Cloud

26 October 2023Architecture and Engineering, Collaboration, Digital TransformationCarol Dunn

Using the cloud as a repository of information and documentation, it was possible to focus document management on quality rather…

The Vital Role of Specification Generation in the Plant Industry

18 October 2023Connected Construction, Industrial and PlantCarol Dunn

From oil refineries to chemical processing plants, the correct setup and adherence to precise specifications (specs) are paramount - specification…

P&ID Challenges: Valves, Line Segments and Snapping Troubles

5 May 2023Industrial and Plant, IT Services, plant 3dKaleb Flowers

This situation highlights the importance of drawing P&IDs on snaps as a best practice precisely to avoid such complications.

Auxalia PlantExpressTools Off-Page Connector Manager

30 March 2022AutoCAD, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dKaleb Flowers

How to save over $5,600 in time by using the Off-Page Connector Manager to make connection within Plant 3D instead…

Building Assemblies to Simplify P&ID Design

17 February 2022AutoCAD, Industrial and Plant, plant 3d, UncategorizedKaleb Flowers

Pre-building assemblies, skids and package units saves time and money and creates consistent P&ID designs and drawings.

Plant Innovation: Automating Navisworks Publishing

25 January 2022All, Industrial and Plant, Mechanical, Navisworks, plant 3d, UncategorizedKaleb Flowers

Utilizing automation for Navisworks NWD saves project hours and money and makes availability of up-to-date NWD models more consistent.

Plant Design Innovators Recap: Plant & Structural with Kaleb Flowers

9 July 2020All, Construction, Industrial and PlantCD

several types of projects including industrial, oil and gas, municipal, commercial buildings, and residential—all of which may require structural

#bestplant3dreseller: Plant 3D on BIM 360 Hackathon

16 April 2020All, BIM 360, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dDavid Wolfe

We're asking each volunteer to spend at least 4 hours on #starwarsday (May the Fourth) building industrial design models.

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