6 Features in Autodesk Build You Shouldn’t Be Without

28 March 2023autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM, Connected Construction, ConstructionCarol Dunn

If you’re in the construction industry, following are 6 features in Autodesk Build - on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform…

PlanGrid Submittals Workflow

13 February 2020All, PlanGridJackson Sensat

Submittals are a big part of the project management team’s responsibilities, because they help ensure that all equipment procured for…

PlanGrid RFI Workflow Video

6 February 2020All, PlanGridJackson Sensat

there is another Autodesk cloud-based solution that saves teams time on RFIs: PlanGrid

BIM 360 Build Submittals Workflow

31 January 2020All, BIM 360Jackson Sensat

Submittals are a necessary part of the project because they help to ensure that all the equipment that is needed in a building are per the plans and…

Here is an Example of a BIM 360 RFI Workflow

23 January 2020All, BIM 360Jackson Sensat

First article in a series on managing requests for information (RFIs) using BIM 360 Build, ensuring accountability and leaving no…

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