6 Ways Offsite Construction Helps Attract Fresh Talent

3 April 2024Construction, Manufacturing, OffsiteCarol Dunn

As pressure mounts for more housing and the skilled labor shortage drags on, the spotlight on offsite construction processes is…

Building the Future: Attracting Young Workers to Construction

26 March 2024Construction, Digital TransformationCarol Dunn

with demand for skilled labor consistently outpacing the available workforce. However, amidst this challenge, there's a beacon of hope emerging…

9 Strategies for Contractors to Find and Retain Construction Talent

19 March 2024Construction, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

To navigate this complex environment, construction companies should explore various strategies in order to attract and retain construction talent and…

Amazing Construction Process for Colorado’s Fastest Growing City

11 October 2023Construction, Digital Transformation, SustainabilityCarol Dunn

In chipping away at the challenges, automation holds promise in helping address the construction labor shortage and productivity issues. Enter…

3 Steps for Improving Construction Employee Engagement

22 February 2023Architecture and Engineering, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, MEP, PowerPackCarol Dunn

By attracting skilled workers and improving employee engagement so you retain them, you can take an active role in staying…

BIM and Digital Measurement for MEP

13 September 2022Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Mechanical, MEP, Navisworks, Plumbing, RevitCarol Dunn

Even with different workflows, every MEP company can benefit from the BIM construction precision that results from digital measurement.

4 Steps to a Better RFI Workflow

19 August 2022Architecture and Engineering, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Each RFI needs to be answered, and anything that could potentially result in a change order needs to be handled…

CareerStarter Tool Encourages Construction Careers

13 July 2022Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

NCCER's CareerStarter program enables potential trades workers to explore career options, find their best fit and search for training &…

The Infrastructure Construction Jobs Trend

23 June 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, MEP, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Workforce development is needed to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the IIJA; more people are needed in the…

Why More MEP Contractors Are Relying on BIM-Enabled Workflows

26 April 2022Autodesk Construction Cloud, Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, Revit, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Large contractors with complex projects are the most sizable group using BIM. But the process will benefit any size company.

3 Ways Autodesk Construction Cloud Benefits MEP Contractors

24 March 2022autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Autodesk Construction Cloud benefits MEP contractors in tracking workflows, accessing centralized plans in the cloud and connecting teams.

Risks Posed by Skilled Labor Shortage: What Owners Can Do

22 February 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Digital Transformation, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Owners can positively impact safety risks and the labor shortage by prequalifying contractors using workforce development criteria.

How to choose construction apps for your MEP business

3 February 2022All, Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

5 steps for selecting MEP software apps and achieving a smooth tech implementation process through a team effort.

How BIM Collaborate Pro Benefits the Trades

16 December 2021All, Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

How BIM Collaborate Pro helps the entire construction project team, enabling a more cohesive and collaborative BIM project model.

MEP Force Keynote Recap: Angie Simon

3 September 2021All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

Building information modeling (BIM) has become expected, not optional, as well as productivity tracking and rejection of the old adage,…

MEP Force 2021 Keynote Recap: Clay Smith

1 September 2021All, Construction, Electrical, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

Despite shortages of people and materials, Clay Smith, COO of eVolve MEP, had some good news for MEP contractors.

MEP Force Virtual House Party Recipe Guide

17 September 2020All, MEPCD

Although our house party needed to be virtual this year, we didn't miss any opportunities to share ideas, thoughts, and…

MEP Force 2020 Takeaways, Day 1

1 September 2020All, MEPCarol Dunn

the MEP trades are positioned to be true leaders because upwards of 60% of most jobs involves trades work

6 Ways to Tackle the Skilled Labor Shortage

14 January 2020All, ConstructionCarol Dunn

Because the skilled labor shortage is already impacting the financial success of construction companies, many are making investments in a…

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