The Vital Role of Ongoing FEM Software Development and Support for Structural Engineers

22 May 2024Digital Transformation, Structural designLukas

The continuous development of FEM/FEA software, coupled with robust support from providers, plays a critical role in advancing the field…

Service Helps in Software Transition from Numbers to Names

19 October 2021Autodesk Software, Press ReleaseCarol Dunn

Applied Software is offering a service to assist Autodesk software customers in their transition from serial numbers to names, also…

Autodesk Premium Plan Available for Companies with 50+ Subscriptions

19 October 2021Autodesk Software, Press ReleaseCarol Dunn

Applied Software will assist customers who want to upgrade to the Autodesk Premium Plan for more efficient management of 50…

DEMO: 5 Exciting New Features in AutoCAD 2022

14 April 2021All, AutoCAD, autodeskJason Porter

AutoCAD 2022: let’s get to the new features that will affect us every day.

Bluebeam Revu 20.1

10 February 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Bluebeam has announced Revu version 20.1, the first notable update since the release of version 20 in August, 2020.

Plant 3D Boost Updates

12 January 2021Industrial and Plant, plant 3dDavid Wolfe

We are giving Plant 3D Boost a little love! Here's what's coming as we make Plant 3d Boost the best…

Transition to Named User – Help Going from Numbers to Names

23 September 2020All, Autodesk SoftwareCarol Dunn

The new Autodesk plans to base software use on people instead of serial numbers will affect every Autodesk software user,…

Happy Update Day: Plant 3D

15 September 2020All, Autodesk Software, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dKaleb Flowers

As of September 13, 2020, a new AutoCAD Plant 3D 2021 update is available: Plant 3D 2021.0.1. 

Bluebeam Revu 20

11 September 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

These days, PDFs can contain file attachments, bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata, spaces, and images.

Announcing 360 Sync Version 2.15.2

18 August 2020AllMichael Reuter

360 Sync version 2.15.2 has been officially released to the web (RTW)

New View User Management for Autodesk Licenses

13 May 2020All, autodesk, Autodesk SoftwareDeni Cox

It is now imperative that users get added to the company’s Autodesk Account and assigned software before they will be…

360 Sync 2.14.1

30 April 2020AllMichael Reuter

360 Sync release 2.14.1 has been officially released to the web

Revit 2021: A Few of My Favorite New Things

10 April 2020All, RevitAnthony

There is a litany of new features for all the disciplines, many that impart meaningful improvements to existing workflows and…

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