Tech Tip: Advance Steel Orientation Symbols

13 June 2024Advance Steel, Autodesk Software, Construction, Structural designCarol Dunn

In many structures, beams can be much the same on both ends. To overcome this issue, some people like to…

Tech Tip: Overriding the Quantity of an Inventor Item Number Split Balloon

13 May 2024InventorTodd Schmoock

Did you ever want to override the quantity of an Autodesk Inventor item number split balloon and find you can…

Tech Tip: Crane Structures in GRAITEC Advance Design

12 April 2024Advance Design, Structural designCarol Dunn

Engineers tasked with designing and optimizing crane structures require advanced tools for accurate modeling and analysis. GRAITEC Advance Design provides…

Tech Tip: Linking .PC3 Files to AutoCAD Electrical Layout Sheets

12 March 2024AutoCAD, ElectricalTodd Schmoock

Many times there is a need to have layouts plotted to full D-size and to smaller formats like B-size. Creating…

Identifying a Secondary Catalog in the AutoCAD Electrical Project File

12 February 2024AutoCAD, ElectricalTodd Schmoock

When working with AutoCAD Electrical, identifying a secondary database starts with having two databases to choose from.

How to retrieve missing details from the Document Manager: 5 scenarios

20 November 2023Advance Steel, Autodesk Software, Structural designJanet Black

Document Manager tip: You can avoid using the "Register Documents to Model" toolset in Advance Steel if your workflow to…

How to Establish a Standardized Revit Family Library

3 November 2023BIM, Design, PowerPack, RevitCarol Dunn

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit provides several features that allow you to establish and manage a dynamic family library seamlessly within…

Tech Tip: 4 Steps for Creating a 1½” Diameter Threaded Rod

19 October 2023Advance SteelJanet Black

Following are the steps you can use in Autodesk Advance Steel to create a 1½” diameter threaded rod.

Tech Tip: Easy Mesh Configuration Options in Structural FEA/FEM

22 September 2023Advance Design, Structural designCarol Dunn

The functions offered in the Advance Design surface property sheet enable users to specify mesh configurations to meet each project’s…

Tech Tip: Generate a Table of Forces in Advance Design

14 September 2023Advance Design, Structural designCarol Dunn

With the new "result tables" function in Advance Design 2023 and the subsequent versions of the software, we can now…

How to Better Navigate Through Your 3D Model

12 September 2023BIM, PowerPack, RevitCarol Dunn

GRAITEC PowerPack has been developed with a set of tools aimed at enhancing element visibility and search capabilities within a…

Tech Tip: Create a New Camera Type for PowerPack

11 September 2023Advance Steel, PowerPackJanet Black

using Autodesk Advance Steel, you can create custom camera types suited to your company standards. If you are using GRAITEC…

Tech Tip: Autodesk Account – New Team Feature

7 September 2023Autodesk SoftwareDeni Cox

On August 15, 2023, Autodesk introduced an improvement to Autodesk Account teams, so new purchases will no longer be automatically…

Autodesk Changes 2-Step Verification from SMS to Authenticator App

1 September 2023autodesk, Autodesk Software, Services & SupportDeni Cox

Authenticator apps provide better security and operate independently of your phone network, ensuring consistent accessibility. Authenticator apps use software tokens…

How to use and modify snap points in Advance Design

11 August 2023Advance Design, GraitecCarol Dunn

By utilizing snap points, you can readily identify exact positions, making it easier to draw objects with improved accuracy and…

Autodesk – Concurrent Use Prevention

8 August 2023autodesk, Autodesk Software, Services & SupportDeni Cox

One of the more common ways to violate license compliance is to have AutoCAD running on two computers concurrently, with…

Geometrical Non-linear Analysis in Advance Design

2 August 2023Advance Design, Design, Structural designCarol Dunn

Advance Design: the modeling and analysis procedure for structures with geometrical non-linearity, using the P-Delta effect as an illustration

Advance Steel Tip: How to Create a 5/8″ Diameter Threaded Rod

25 July 2023Advance Steel, Services & Support, Structural designJanet Black

Step by step instructions for creating a 5/8" (Imperial units) diameter threaded rod in Autodesk Advance Steel.

Tech Tip: Installing PowerPack for Advance Steel

6 June 2023Advance Steel, PowerPackJanet Black

watch the following video for the step-by-step procedure to download, install and activate the standalone PowerPack for Advance Steel 2023…

Tech Tip: How to Create Sloped Curved Handrails in Advance Steel

5 June 2023Advance Steel, autodesk, PowerPack, UncategorizedSophia Li

If you find yourself struggling on modeling sloped curved handrails, following is a general workflow on how to approach it.

Tech Tip: DXF/NC file naming conflict in Advance Steel

25 May 2023Advance Steel, AEC, Autodesk Software, IT ServicesSophia Li

If you are running into an issue with Advance Steel overwriting certain DXF or NC files, here is how to…

Tech Tip: Danger Will Robinson! GA Detail Lost in Paper Space!

22 May 2023Advance Steel, Autodesk Software, IT Services, Structural designJanet Black

If your views are being inserted outside the page frame, you may have customized an Imperial template and are using…

Tech Tip: How to Exclude Letters in Grids in Advance Steel

17 May 2023Advance Steel, AEC, IT ServicesSophia Li

If you’re using Autodesk Advance Steel and need to control what letters are used in grids, following is the way…

Tech Tip: Manage Your Structure with Advance Steel Workplanes

11 May 2023Advance Steel, AEC, Autodesk Software, IT Services, Structural designJanet Black

how to utilize the Advance Steel Project Explorer Workplanes to save time and enhance efficiency by moving elements and attaching…

Tech Tip: How to Exclude Certain Letters for Numbering in Advance Steel

10 May 2023Advance Steel, AEC, IT ServicesSophia Li

If you're using Advance Steel and need to control what letters are used for numbering, following is the way to…

15 BIM Tips: Avoiding Model Corruption & Optimizing File Sizes

29 November 2022Architecture and Engineering, BIM, Digital Transformation, MEP, RevitCarol Dunn

15 BIM tips for avoiding model corruption and optimizing file sizes so you can have lean, clean, accurate models.

Valves in the Plant 3D Spec Editor

5 April 2022AutoCAD, Digital Transformation, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dKaleb Flowers

The best way to tackle the complexities of valve catalogs is to create a checklist that covers all the details…

Auxalia PlantExpressTools Off-Page Connector Manager

30 March 2022AutoCAD, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dKaleb Flowers

How to save over $5,600 in time by using the Off-Page Connector Manager to make connection within Plant 3D instead…

Backing Up and Restoring Projects

9 March 2022AutoCAD, plant 3d, UncategorizedKaleb Flowers

Having a backup procedure in place for projects could save upwards of $30,000 in project revenue loss and 40+ hours…

Setting Up a Secondary AutoCAD Electrical Catalog

3 December 2021All, Architecture and Engineering, AutoCAD, autodesk, Construction, Electrical, UncategorizedTodd Schmoock

Two ways to define a secondary catalog in AutoCAD Electrical to search for catalog data and store manufacturer part numbers.

Enterprise User Survival Kit

3 November 2021All, Autodesk SoftwareJason Porter

the most common issues we have seen concerning Autodesk software

Tips and Features for Bluebeam Revu Markups

17 June 2021All, BluebeamCD

tips and features of Revu that make it easier to provide the right information to the right people

Updating an AutoCAD Electrical Project File to a New Environment File

12 May 2021All, AutoCAD, Autodesk Software, ElectricalCarol Dunn

The environment file (wd.env) in AutoCAD Electrical controls where the software retrieves the content needed to create the drawings.

Migrating Shared Content to Plant 3D 2022

4 May 2021All, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dKaleb Flowers

The best workflow we have found is to have a shared content folder for 2021 and earlier and then a…

What you probably don’t care to know about ParamOnLine in Plant 3D

30 April 2021All, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dDavid Wolfe

if you open up the P&ID database (ProcessPower.dcf, I’m using SQLite Expert Personal) to the EngineeringItems table, you’ll see a…

Creating Valve Takeoffs and Lists with Plant 3D Boost

26 April 2021Industrial and Plant, plant 3dDavid Wolfe

For existing subscribers to Plant 3D Boost, the new reports are located in Project FilesCADPlant 3DReport Templates and are called…

Top 10 Fixed Issues in Plant 3D 2022 from the #bestplant3dreseller

1 April 2021AutoCAD, Autodesk Software, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dDavid Wolfe

Plant 3D 2022 is a strong release with some highly requested new features like synchronizing project settings, and isometric dimension…

Troubleshooting Typical Errors in 360 Sync

27 January 2021AllMichael Reuter

Customers who use 360 Sync sometimes get confused by some of the error codes that 360 Sync throws out.

360 Sync Minimum Requirements

20 January 2021AllMichael Reuter

the minimum requirements and make suggestions for 360 Sync setup best practices.

System Requirements for Autodesk Inventor 2021

19 November 2020All, Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Digital Transformation, Inventor, Manufacturing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

Hardware system requirements for using Autodesk Inventor 2021 software, including complex models, molds and assemblies.

9 Tips for Effective BIM Managers

13 October 2020All, BIMCarol Dunn

growth in the industry puts pressure on BIM departments to be as productive as possible

Moving A Plant Project to Vault

29 September 2020All, plant 3d, VaultDavid Wolfe

A couple pieces need to be in place before you attempt putting your project in Vault.

AutoCAD Tip: Awesome Drawing Purge Option

21 September 2020Architecture and Engineering, AutoCAD, Services & SupportJason Porter

you will eventually get to a point in your drawing where you just need to clean it up

Moving Plant Shared Content to Vault

8 September 2020All, Industrial and Plant, plant 3d, VaultDavid Wolfe

For people using Vault, many times they would like to host their shared content in Vault.

BIM 360 Asset Management Setup (Avoiding “Death by BIM 360”)

27 August 2020All, BIM 360Michael Reuter

the steps for using the Assets module in BIM 360 to be strategic in viewing and tracking assets

Filtering a Point Cloud for Surface Data in Civil 3D

29 June 2020Architecture and Engineering, Civil 3DJason Porter

In this video I explain the process of filtering out just the ground data and then creating a surface from…

Using Bluebeam for Sketching

23 June 2020All, BluebeamCD

a few steps to utilize Revu in a way that usually isn’t capitalized on: sketching

Proxygraphics vs. Object Enabler

13 May 2020All, Autodesk Software, Civil 3DJason Porter

Proxygraphics simply saves an image of the of the screen when you close out of the drawing so that other…

AutoCAD Tip: Polyline Fillet

5 May 2020All, AutoCADJu

a short video to help you fillet an entire polyline at once

Missing Default Pipe Specs CustomParts Imperial/Metric?!

24 April 2020All, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dDavid Wolfe

a list of the stock specs that you might end up needing by using certain Plant 3d features

5 Common Problems for New Inventor Users 

18 December 2018All, Inventor, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

If you are a new Inventor user, take heart. There are a few common issues that just about everyone will…

Clean Uninstall/Reinstall of Autodesk Products

17 November 2017All, autodesk, Services & SupportJason Porter

There may be times where the only resolution to get your software to install may be to perform a clean…

AutoCAD – Field with Layout Tab Name

24 March 2017All, Architecture and Engineering, ConstructionJason Porter

Are you one of those companies who names their layout tabs to reflect the actual sheet numbers?  Are you finding…

Revit Parameters 2.0 – Reporting and Global Parameters

6 September 2016All, Architecture and Engineering, ConstructionGabe Hernandez

In 2016 Autodesk release updates to Parameters in Revit. I created this video with basic examples of how you can…

AutoCAD tip: Layer Isolate Settings

30 March 2015All, Architecture and Engineering, ConstructionJason Porter

This article is for all the users who have been confused about the layer isolate (LAYISO) command in various versions…

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