TECH NEWS: Autodesk Build “For the Field” Folder

22 March 2022autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, ConstructionAutodesk Software, Build


TECH NEWS: Autodesk Build “For the Field” Folder

The Autodesk Build “For the Field” folder is no longer included in new projects. This is big news for construction teams.

Projects created before 22 March 2022 included both the For the Field and Project Files root folders. The For the Field root folder was included for use in the field, as it was originally the only folder to sync to mobile. All members could view its files and folders.

New projects will no longer include the For the Field folder unless it is created from project templates, because the Project Files folder can now be synced to mobile. This means members no longer need to move or copy files into the For the Field folder to view them on mobile. For projects created before 22 March 2022, project administrators can now move the For the Field folder to anywhere in Project Files.


This will simplify their root folder structure, and users can benefit from enhanced folder permissions. Once the folder is moved, members can manage their files and folders including:

  • Renaming folders, including the moved For the Field folder.
  • Moving any of these folders within Project Files.
  • Assigning any permissions.
  • Deleting folders.

See this article on Autodesk Help for step by step instructions and more details.

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