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7 September 2023Autodesk SoftwareAutodesk Licensing, Tips and Tricks



When Autodesk changed the license model to a named user license, they changed the look and feel of the Autodesk Account and implemented a new feature – teams.

Teams are beneficial for license and user management when companies have multiple departments or offices. But unforeseen consequences of this feature include unwanted teams being created and/or new products being put onto the wrong team.

On August 15, 2023, Autodesk introduced an improvement to teams, so new purchases will no longer be automatically added to any team. Instead, the new products will be held in “limbo,” and the contract manager will be able to determine which team to put the newly purchased licenses on.

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Note: This new feature is for Autodesk Accounts with multiple teams only. If there is a single team in the Autodesk account, the new products will automatically be placed on that team.

When the contract manager signs into their Autodesk Account – – the new product banner will be presented when any of the following pages are selected:

Home – By User – By Product – Subscriptions and Contracts

Autodesk Account screen

Select the Assign button to reveal a list of new product licenses and the option to choose the team to put the licenses on.

Autodesk Account team selection

All products can be selected and put onto a single team, or products can be selected one at a time and put onto different teams.

Once the product(s) and team are selected, the Assign button will become selectable.

Autodesk Account team confirmation

You will be presented with a screen showing the product(s) and the team selected for confirmation.

Autodesk Account team assignment

Set the desired team current and navigate to By Product under User Management to see the new licenses have been added to the team(s) available for assignment.

The new feature of the Autodesk account will save a lot of time, as we will no longer have to go to Autodesk to fix the mistake of having new software added to the wrong team.

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