Tech Tip: Create a New Camera Type for PowerPack

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Tech Tip: Create a New Camera Type for PowerPack

When using Autodesk Advance Steel, you can create custom camera types suited to your company standards. If you are using GRAITEC PowerPack for Advance Steel, within the function Camera Creator, you can create different camera types.

If a camera type is not listed, it’s easy to create a new camera type.

For example, the image below displays the new Camera type FOOTING from the PowerPack tab Create macros panel.

PowerPack for Advance Steel menu

The Camera Default types can be found in Management Tools> Table Editor AstorBase, sub-heading CameraTypes.

PowerPack for Advance Steel management tools

Watch this 7 ½ minute video for a demonstration of how to create a new camera type:


Following are the steps to create a custom camera. In this example, we want a camera named ELEVATION.

Select the Tools tab>Management Tools button.

PowerPack for Advance Steel ribbon

Select the Table Editor category. Type Camera in the Use filter: field.

PowerPack for Advance Steel management tools menu

To lock in the changes made to the Management Tools, select the Home button then the Defaults category.

Remember to Load the settings back in Advance.

Go back to the Advance Steel session and select Update Defaults, which reloads the latest data from the Advance Steel databases.

PowerPack for Advance Steel tools ribbon

The newly created camera type will be appended to the PowerPack flyout list.

PowerPack for Advance Steel flyout list

Additionally, the camera type will be added to the Advance Steel Tool Palette, Create Camera UCS and Create Camera(s) at node.

In the image below, Create Camera UCS was used.

PowerPack for Advance Steel menu and stairs graphic

You will see the camera type added when using the Drawing Styles, Drawing Process Tool Palettes.

The image below shows the newly created camera type will be displayed when used in conjunction with the Project Explorer View Definition method One point in UCS.

PowerPack for Advance Steel closeup of stair graphic

Right click to see results of the Camera Properties.

PowerPack for Advance Steel camera properties

The newly created Camera types are displayed from the Advance Properties of the selected camera properties panel.

PowerPack for Advance Steel advance properties menu

This step-by-step process shows how easy it is to create a custom-named camera that will be displayed in the PowerPack Camera Creator.

PowerPack for Advance Steel camera creator ribbon

Click the following links for more information on Autodesk Advance Steel and GRAITEC PowerPack for Advance Steel.



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