Tech Tip: Danger Will Robinson! GA Detail Lost in Paper Space!

22 May 2023Advance Steel, Autodesk Software, IT Services, Structural designAEC, Structural, Tips and Tricks, video



Detail views outside HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME

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When creating General Arrangements drawings in Autodesk Advance Steel, the views are being inserted way outside the HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME.

red arrows on graphic showing detail far away from detail sheet

You can watch the one-minute video below about what might be causing the issue and a tech tip on how you can fix it, or read on for an illustrated solution.

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The probable cause is you have most likely customized an Imperial template and are using it as a Metric template. See the example below of units saved in Imperial units.

Advance Steel menu showing page setup


  1.  Open the custom Prototype.
  2. Select the Page Setup Manager.
  3. Select the Layout tab.
  4. Select the Modify option.
  5. Change the Scale from inches to MM.
  6. Save and close the Prototype.
  7. Go to the Project Settings >Preferences of the prototype, and make sure the appropriate profile is checked.

For the scenario below, the Imperial Prototype was saved and used in a metric Project. Change it to Americas Metric.

Advance Steel menu showing profile preferences

From the Page Setup, set the scale to millimeters instead of inches.

Advance Steel menu showing page setup scale

Most important, use the appropriate metric scale related to the prototype sheet size. For this demo (1:25) is used. Check to see if an imperial scale is being used. For this demo, 93/32”=1’-0” was checked and contributed to the detail being lost in Paper Space.

Advance Steel menu showing example of wrong scale setting

The end results for sheet #1:

Advance Steel computer drawing showing it detail in the correct location

Learn more about Advance Steel here.

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